What Is Karma?
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Giving And Receiving

Karma is an idea you have probably heard about but what is karma and how does it affect your life?

It is about receiving back into your life the effect of the actions you have taken in the past. In its simplest form you receive back what you have given out.

The concept can be used to get a clearer understanding of what you are giving and receiving in your life.

Do you feel you are better at giving or receiving?

Which feels more comfortable to you?

Reflecting on this may help you to identify your own Karma and this will be exclusive to you.

What Is Karma ? - Giving

Have you got problems letting physical things go, even those items you haven’t used for some considerable time?

Is it difficult for you to give in “everyday” situations like helping a work colleague or even giving way on the road?

Is there a sense of guilt in any charitable giving you might do?

This could all be seen as being mean and could be easily justified with a “why should I” attitude – “nobody gives to me”

And this could be true – nobody may be giving to you.

It will usually be very difficult to reflect on a situation like this and see it objectively - but your Karma is at work here.

It has been built up unconsciously throughout your life, some of it inherited from family attitudes or school culture, some of it through difficult situations, perhaps when you needed help and it wasn’t forthcoming or was grudgingly given.

These were real situations in your life and they formed your outlook, you are not “mean” but the world has told you to be safe; hold on to what you have, you may not see it again, and this is very real to you and your decisions and actions will reflect this.

There is no blame here and you may not even feel there should be blame.

But a starting point to help see things more clearly might be to ask – if nobody gave in the world would it be a happier, safer place to be?

This could lead to an awareness that you are locked in a cycle – nobody gives to me because I give to nobody.  

The giving of something does not mean that, for example if you willingly give a certain amount of cash away, this amount or more comes back to you. But because you willingly gave without expectation and probably felt good about it, it means that life can become more optimistic for you and positive things can start to happen.

Oddly enough in your subconscious mind by willingly giving you will feel more able and worthy to receive.

What is Karma? - Receiving

Personally receiving was very difficult for me. I had it down to a fine art of not allowing people to do anything for me.

I never asked for assistance I would continue on myself, sometimes doing things that were even too much for me.

My mind figured that if I allowed someone to do things for me I would have to load them back with lots and lots and so much more than they ever gave to me and have to be forever grateful to them.

Of course this was me not feeling worthy of receiving.
This was my Karma.
But I began to see that if I didn’t receive, how could the other person have positive thoughts about giving?

I began to crack my own "karmic cycle".

I became aware of my “triggers” – those situations where my Karma took over and my actions kept me in the cycle- doing what I always did – getting what I always got. 

The Laws of Karma - Awakening To Your Own Karmic Cycle

How can you see your own "karmic cycle" and change what may be an uncomfortable or even damaging situation?

Give yourself space to reflect on your life. Do you tend to have a positive or negative attitude? Is karma good or destructive in your life?

You can become aware of your “triggers” – those situations where your incessant chatter (Ego) takes over and your actions will then keep you in the cycle- doing what you always did – getting what you always got. (Topsy Turvy)

Here you can begin to see to what extent your decisions are made based on repeated reactions to the situations you find yourself in.

Developing awareness –“awakening” to your own Karma enables you to see the cycle, create self-empowerment and begin to change your life.

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