What Is A Paradigm Shift?

What is a paradigm shift? - To me it's just another name for an "AHA" moment or a "Gotcha" moment.

You know that one moment when something just clicks with you. You suddenly realize that you understand something which you have been wondering about or working on for some time. "GOTCHA"!!!

It can come quiet suddenly or it can come from an accumulation of little understandings and feelings along the way.

My paradigm shift was brought about through an accumulation of self development work to the point where I realized I could now see how to live my life differently than I had been doing.

This paradigm shift was a real eye opener.

I had to take an assessment of myself, and I had to let go of some beliefs that I was so used to living by.

How Did It Happen?

My change or paradigm shift started when I was very unhappy in my own business.That business was the worst and yet I now know it was the very best thing that happened to me.

There is one good thing that can come from not being happy in your work and that is you can decide to change that particular work to something you do want to do.

In saying this I do not mean that you should just down tools and walk away. But knowing you want something different is the beginning of change.

One morning, I caught part of a review of a particular book on a radio program, indicating that this book had something in it that was a little different from any other. The speakers actually couldn’t explain what it was and I didn’t catch the name of the book just then.

I thought no more about it, but not too long afterwards my husband brought home a book.
It is called “The Secret” and I knew it was the book discussed on the radio program.

I devoured the contents and there is no doubt it was my first step in my accumulative understanding of life, leading to my new way of being in the world.

The Book

This book deals with the law of attraction and this was new to me, I was now learning about laws of nature.

This resonated with me and I realized:

Happy people attract happy things and have happy lives.
Sad people attract sad things and have sad lives.

Guess what? You are the decider of which life you want.

YES...... you decide nobody else. - Just little old you.

This was the paradigm shift meaning for me – so knowing I was the decider of my life "I went for it" and continued reading more about all of this.

Some More

My paradigm shift progressed through reading many books but particularly these ones dealing with:

1. Intentions: (Wayne Dyer)
2. Ego (Eckhart Tolle)
3. Present moment living: (Eckhart Tolle)
4. Synchronicity: ( Deepak Chopra)
(Synchronicity is the flow of things coming your way)

Right Side of My Brain

I also further realized these subjects were all to do with the right side of my brain and then further realized this is the side that connects to the universe (the connector). This is where you can find your innerself. (Your ego is on the left side of your brain)

I found I was starting to become aware of how I was functioning in the world and where I was at "right now".

Then came the realization that regardless of what had gone before, that now is and can only be the one place to start from.

Here are some areas I am dealing and learning about myself and always from the starting point of "right now":

  1. Achievements (What have I achieved, do I have a plan/intentions and goals for living?)
  2. Emotions.
  3. Decision making i.e. empowerment.
  4. Fears.
  5. Accepting what is happening "right now".
  6. Surrender to and accept what is, by letting go (this is a particular point in time when change starts)
  7. Patience and Trust
  8. Courage to take actions ( I usually waited  for something to happen rather than creating action for my intentions and goals)
  9. Am I disorganized?
  10. My Health.


Those were all the areas I had to learn more about and then by combining them with all my reading and understanding of:
• present moment living
synchronicity, (which is the flow of things coming your way)

I finally realized I needed to do the following: 

• Create my intentions for life.
• Practice living in the present moment.
• Take actions towards my intentions.
• Look out for synchronicity.

To me this is The SECRET of life.

Define Paradigm Shift

It is because you have or make intentions, and by learning to take your actions in the present moment and watching for synchronicity, that your intentions come about.

This knowledge creates THE SHIFT, THE AHA OR GOTCHA MOMENT and this is opposite to the way most of us live. (Topsy Turvy)

The knowledge of using intentions, present moment awareness and synchronicity is not spoken about too often; why is this so?

It is because people may think you are "off your head" to live like that.

Indeed we generally live the opposite way, by trying to make things come about through effort or willpower alone. We may then miss synchronicity, the flow of things coming your way.

By using effort and willpower alone, fear can arise then reactionary decisions may be made. This can push the desired outcome further away. Motivation could be lost and you could even get stuck.

The Secret Of life

THE SECRET of life takes practice, but once you are aware of this it starts working for you. Keep practicing THE SECRET of life and see it work more and more.

While "paradigm shift" is very simply put here, when you start reading or researching this, you will see a whole new expansive world opening up to you, much more than I can get on this page.

Keep finding out more and more, keep motivated about this by using web sites, books, CD’s, DVD’s, going to workshops, and seminars. Doing this is truly wonderful and creates such empowerment in your life.

Remember it is simply about YOU using the laws of nature to create a paradigm shift.

So what is a paradigm shift?- realizing that the patterns and habits of your life may be holding you back.

What Is A Paradigm Shift ?- > The Definition Of Empowerment

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