The Universal Law of Attraction


To understand the universal law of attraction it will help to have some understanding of energy. Understanding energy is a basis for knowing how this law works.

You might ask what has energy got to do with personal development?
Well just about everything!

While it is great to understand the affects of fears, procrastination, negativity etc it is also extremely important to understand what is actually going on when we are encountering these emotions.

How The Universal Law Of Attraction Works

Understanding energy is to know that all that exists, you, me, everyone, the trees, the table, the chair, the cat, the birds etc. etc, and even things unseen - the air, when broken down into the simplest and most basic form, consists of energy.

Simply put:everything is made of energy.

How Do We Know?

Well if you were to put a piece of anything that is anything HUMAN OR OTHERWISE under a high powered microscope you will see movement this movement consists of millions of tiny molecules.

And then?

If you then take one of those molecules and use a much more powerful microscope that lets you see deeper into the molecule, there is further movement.

And then?

This movement is created by atoms, now break these atoms down and analyze these even further; you will then see protons at the centre of the atom.

Just a little bit more :
Now this is the law of attraction bit - there is an electron which constantly orbits that proton, creating a vibration.

Now here's the thing:
This is the same in humans, animals and even solid objects everything belongs to the same field of vibrating energy.

I did not know this (maybe everyone knows this but I didn't).

It was the one piece of information that WOWED me from the book named "The Secret". 

Overall it is sufficient to understand that the energy we are made of is real and that everything else seen and unseen is energy also.

All energy vibrates so when you are positive, see your goals clearly and are emotionally attached to the outcome your vibrations are high. The universal law of attraction matches things that are alike so you will attract positivity, positive people and positive circumstances into your life.

But this is vitally important - it is not enough to just have a positive attitude in isolation. It is taking and continuing to take action in a positive way from where you are right now towards your goals that will attract the right circumstances into your life.

So when we are talking about attaining good vibrations this is not just pie in the sky it is in fact about maintaining a balanced feeling within us.

Our energy mass i.e. our body, needs to be kept well tuned or aligned with our goals in life.

Energy Levels Explain The Law Of Attraction

We know that when our own energy level is not functioning properly we go down and at other times our energy level is high and we go up.

These energy levels are associated with good or difficult things in our lives.

So as well as understanding how to sort out problems or issues we need to learn to attain and keep good ongoing energy levels.

We determine the energy level in our own lives e.g by how we treat
• our bodies
• other people
• our homes
• our work place
• our environment
and so on.

Basically we are trying to achieve a good balance of energy through how we live out our lives.

There are many people who are highly sensitive to this energy.

They can actually detect and translate the energy field of another human being.

These people are healers.

The Universal Law of Attraction Connects Us

It is our vibrating energy that connects us to all that is in the universe.

So now we can understand what being "in the flow" means – you are keeping a flow of energy balanced or in alignment.

When you are best aligned is when positive things happen.

You know the saying that people use, "I was in the right place at the right time and everything just happened for me".

This is often referred to as luck –

What actually happened to that person was that they were in a well balanced harmonious state when taking action and attracted “the everything going right”.

Balance and Imbalance

Which law of attraction are you using?

Positive and or negative thoughts can create balance or imbalance and subsequently we attract or don’t attract what we require to fulfil our lives.

Sad thoughts create negativity - a negative law of attraction.

Happy thoughts create positivity - a positive law of attraction.

Therefore you are your thoughts, and your thoughts are the attractor of your world.

Where ever you are right now in your life - you have attracted it.

That can be hard to accept, especially if you are in a difficult place right now, but if you reflect on it, you may realize it is true.

And once you really accept this it is life transforming.

But you can deliberately use the universal law of attraction to create positive changes in areas such as:

  • abundance
  • happiness
  • good health
  • rewarding relationships 

What might surprise you is that you are now using the law of attraction whether you know of it, or believe in it or not.

When you bring harmony or balance into your life then feelings of joy and peace prevail, it cannot be any other way - it's the law.

Universal Law of Attraction - > Personal Development Enlightenment.

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