The Importance Of Knowing Yourself
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I understood the importance of knowing yourself the day I read about Eckhart Tolle and ego.

Eckhart tells how he realized he couldn’t live with himself any longer and had a sudden realization that there must be two of him, mad you might say – NO !

The one he could not live with anymore was his ego, the chatterbox the incessant talker in his head. It was all too much for him.

Eckhart literally woke up one morning and the chatterbox had stopped he had started living his life through the very present moment. He had suddenly understood that the importance of knowing yourself is realizing that you are not your ego.

Read that a few times and consider it.

His new life had begun.

This way of suddenly calming the ego and having nearly total awareness of the present moment is unusual but it can happen. That is what Eckhart Tolle can do. He is 80% in the present moment.
It can be a little hard to grasp.

Recognizing You Have An Ego

Living in every moment is being aware of your surroundings and every movement that your body makes without putting a name on each moments activity.

If you want to experience the present moment right now just lift up your hand and be aware of the lift only and the shape of the hand, move it about and only be aware of the movement - nothing else. That is living in the moment. Imagine living you life in this manner.

You see when you are living in the moment, you realize that at that given moment that you are in, you can only be doing and be aware of that one thing you are doing.
That seems strange now doesn’t it.

In having an understanding of what being in the present or now moment does for you, you realize that the chatterbox (ego) or incessant talker in your head is unable to come in.

This can happen for some suddenly but the more likely way for this to happen is through practice.

It is in the now moment that our chatterbox is quiet. Guess what -  that's where your new life is.

This is a little bit upside down thinking or a little topsy turvy. It is the opposite of what we usually do. We usually believe that voice or chatterbox in the head will solve our problems because that is all we have ever relied on.

The Connector

The right side of your Brain

It is from being in the "now" moment that we can open up a way into the other side of our brain, (the right side), your very own connector side to the universe.

It is by allowing yourself into the connector side that you will begin to find your life’s purpose or your intentions in life - you start to see the importance of knowing yourself.

There too you will find a different way to resolve perceived problems.
The connector can be referred to by different names but each one has this same meaning.

Different names used for this can be:

  • awareness
  • an awakening
  • the now
  • presence
  • enlightenment
  • spirituality
  • connector
  • God
  • Mindfullness

Present Moment

Attaining the present moment takes practice, after all you have had a lifetime living with the left side brain - your ego.

Once you have an awareness that life can be lived in the present moment - that is enough. Once you are aware it does not go away. Your new life's pathway begins and this is the importance of knowing yourself.

In practicing the present moment you may find it for just a second or two and then in comes the chatterbox (ego) again. It is through practicing that you will become present for longer periods.

Meditation is a wonderful way of accessing the present moment. And there are many other ways you can learn, that will be personal to you, and will assists you on your new life's journey.

There is so much reading matter on this subject with each person’s writings having the same message but from a different angle or perspective.

That is what amazed me when I set out on this journey I thought each time I read something new my new understanding would be shattered. I just became so amazed by the same message from many different sources.

A Journey In Your Own Way

You can only do this journey to presence in your own way. This doesn’t mean you can’t share it with other like minded people and anyone who will listen.

Indeed if you share it with others who are not yet aware of this they can sometimes think you a bit off your head.

Ironically that comes to you from them through their ego (their ego being the judgmental of others). Now if they can get to calm their ego (chatterbox) this way of living would gather momentum.

We would live in a different world.

Because most people live their lives through ego (chatterbox) awareness does not get shared too easily.

But believe me this whole way of being, is an extraordinary way to live your life. And as I go on finding out more and more on this journey I have come to realize that a whole positive change is possible in our world.

Change can come about by creating ways and means of getting this information out there.

Our world - our economies - our government are mostly ego driven.

About 4% of people live their lives through awareness and the number is growing. Our ego based world is changing.

This is why if you change your life first then you pass it on awareness keeps growing.

Importantly, this way of living is not new to humanity, but has been known for many thousands of years. We have just forgotten how to use it.

It is through the realization of awareness that you find your real inner self i.e. through the absence of ego ... the famous chatterbox.
I still get up in the morning and do all the usual things and go to bed at night but with very different feelings.

I have a greater and more positive attitude to life; do a lot more giving and receiving (Karma). I use gratitude as a good feeling base to work from. There is great joy and fun by attaining a new life through knowing yourself.

> The Importance Of Knowing Yourself

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