Setting Life Goals

Setting life goals is a must if you have ideas, dreams, and visions but do not know how to make them come about.

Have you lost your direction in life indeed did you ever have direction anyway?

Do you always have a list of thing to be done and create new ones on a daily basis?

Is there any cohesion between your daily list and your ideas, dreams and visions?

Do you have your goals set out to enable your ideas, dreams, and visions to come to fulfilment?

Imagine this - You set out on a journey in your car from where you live in New York, you start driving and then you realize that you do not know where you are heading to, or what route you need to take.

Well how could you know which route to take when you did not have a destination?

THIS is how many of us tend live our lives; without real purpose, and without knowledge of how to access our purpose. We actually want to get somewhere, but it can be a vague vision or feeling. When "getting there" seems to drift sometimes for years we tend to complain about life and what it is doing to us.

Our minds comes up with things like:

• I can’t seems to get anything done.
• I am going nowhere fast.
• I have a constant sense of not achieving.
• I feel angry and frustrated.
I 'm overwhelmed by the number of things to do on my “To Do” list.

So why is it that some people live happy and productive lives while others seem stuck or go about life aimlessly going from one job or activity to another?
Why also is it that we see people who have wealth and others struggle to make ends meet?
If we go aimlessly through life how can we expect our lives to be truly happy?

Where Do We Start? - The Importance Of Setting Goals.

If you feel stuck start by putting some order in your life - it is a must. The place to start is with the broad view of your life now and what you would like it to be.

An exercise in setting life goals is a wonderful way of helping with this.

Probably the trickiest bit of goal setting is to find out what you really want to do. Although it is the hardest it is also the most necessary component in your life's journey for achieving your intentions - your destination.

Never ever think -
•    “It’s too late”
•    “I’m too old”
•    “I don’t have the education”
•    “My past mistakes/lack of ambition have put me in an impossible situation”

The past only dictates the future if you let it.
You are surrounded by the effects of your past thinking and you can change this by searching for and finding what you really want to do and by dedicating yourself to achieving your intentions.

Before Setting Life Goals - Getting Things Done

The secret is finding out what you enjoy doing. Find out what other people say you are good at. Ask others, friends and family what you do well. Ask yourself what do I feel joy doing or what gives me that little gut feeling that says I am enjoying this.

It does not have to be about going out and changing the world – some might want do this,but most of us are very happy with a more personal purpose.

When you are doing what you love doing things do get done, this is because you love what you do.

You will be less likely to be dealing with procrastination.

Don’t be afraid to jump outside the box or to put it another way push your boundaries out and “feel the fear and do it anyway” (Susan Jeffers) This little statement can help you move outside your comfort zone in an ongoing way. 

Here there is also a subtle but very important point – don’t limit yourself by just adding a bit more to what you are achieving now.

If you feel you must begin by setting reachable goals – start to question what you feel is reachable.
Your concept of reachable may be based on what you achieved in the past  - but this is your chance to move way beyond that.

Your past does not have to shape your future so if you must only use your concept of reachable at the start of your journey to help with convincing you that you can achieve goals.     

But remember this is your chance to achieve by setting life goals – so don’t be afraid to think big. Also remember this is your life so it’s you alone who needs to know how big you are thinking – so to stay positive be careful who you share your vision with. 

If you wish to have a career change or something equally important you do not have to do this over night. You can attain it with the progression of your goals for each of your intentions.

Try not to have your goals about making money alone. If you create goals just from a money perspective you may not be truly listening to what can come from deep inside you.

But this does not mean you can’t make money using goals. Indeed many people do make money when they are doing what they really like.
But right now let’s go about setting life goals. There are many areas of life for which you can create goals. This can lead to great changes in your life.

How To Set Goals

Using goals in your life can be just like getting up every morning - they become part of your day.

Consider the areas you would like to see change in.
Here are some you might like to consider.

  • Education.
  • Travel
  • Wealth
  • Possessions
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Neighbors
  • Career Change
  • Your own business
  • Hobbies
  • Joining a Club
  • Community involvement
  • Fitness
  • Healthy Body

Goals need to be clear;setting them down in writing and using visualization will help with this. 

Using visualization with feeling will help you focus on your goals, help you see beyond current obstacles and even help you develop an ability to use obstacles in a positive way to look for solutions.    

Learn to listen to your inner self when setting goals, leave ego out of it and let what comes up from inside (your gut) be your guiding light.

You do not have to know at any one time about every step to take to achieve your goals. Once they are set down and you take action they begin to happen or evolve - this is called synchronicity or things falling into place. Watch this synchronicity happening rather than getting hung up on the need for a perfect outcome. Watching this is you actually watching your life flow.

Remember also to keep working on your goals they will move and change as results become apparent.

By setting life goals you can visualize and achieve who you want to be.

Setting Life Goals - > The Importance Of Goal Setting

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