Self Development

The aim of self development is to help you take responsibility for your own actions to a different level and help you build confidence that you will have a “response” “ability” to deal with even difficult situations.

You will achieve this through gaining a deeper knowledge of yourself by taking time to stand back and reflect on your life. You can then create empowerment to help bring you a richer,freer and more responsible life.

The process enables you to become aware of ego. This in turn means you can become a witness to your own actions and begin to see how these actions may not always serve you, your loved ones,or your community well.

When becoming aware of ego in your development you will have an incredible life changing experience, what you might call a paradigm shift.

A paradigm shift will mean an incredible new turn for you, opening up possibilities you may never have thought available.

At this level of understanding the idea of responsibility to yourself as a human being and in turn how this relates to a broader responsibility to your community and even the wider world will become clearer and more compelling.

To do this we need continuous reflection to reinforce this change.

This can be helped enormously by developing the ability to relax and meditate.  

This reflection on the self should not be seen as selfish or hiding from the “real world” but as an action taken to help identify your own potential and its importance in your life.

Change is a process in itself and shouldn't be hurried. It has different stages and each stage is exactly the right place to be at that time.

Learn to surrender to what has been and the art of letting go.

When starting this journey learn about and bring patience and trust with you.

You may have a specific area about yourself that you would like to change or develop:
• your education
• your health
• your relationship
• your finances
Advancing yourself, with awareness, in these areas creates empowermentand self growth.

Empowerment then creates the realization that you can take full responsibility for yourself and see how your choices can best serve you and your community.

Self Development - > The Definition Of Empowerment

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