Ready Steady Go !

Ready Steady Go – Three Steps To Change.

Step 1 - Ready

When do you know you are ready to make changes?

Things seem to fall apart when you have lost your job, your business has crashed, a relationship has ended or a loved one passed away.

Getting back to “normal” may not be an option in these circumstances as the need to make some changes is clearer.

But the arrival of a crisis may not be sudden and it may be hidden behind negative self talk – “I’m not doing my job as well as I should”, I’m not succeeding”, I can’t get motivated”, I can’t lose weight”- all this chatter can be accepted as just coming from your own hidden faults.

And even your resolve to try harder to maintain the "normal" can add to the frustration and worry and consequently the slowly "on the boil crisis" can last for a long time.

It is difficult to stand back and really see this hidden crisis for what it is – a cry for change masked by a belief that somehow you are not strong enough or good enough to deal with things.

To see the hidden crisis takes a willingness to accept that it is not coming from your own inadequacies but from mind chatter that is misinterpreting a message to grow and move on.

                                         Some Signs Of A Hidden Crisis;

  • When wanting is stronger than having – this is a blind spot to what you already have in your life and a belief that one more of this or a newer version of that will ease the pain.
  • A subtle resentment and anger at the world –“they have it all”,” I didn’t get the chances”, “I’m just not cut out for this job".
  • The same predicaments or issues arising again and again – “I never have enough money”, “I can’t seem to develop a relationship”, “nobody understands me”.
  • A subtle quiet knowing that there is more to your life,but a frustration in pinning it down – “I know I’m better than this “, “when I have the time I’ll do that”, "why do I always remember that calm moment when …”?

    When you see it, the crisis no longer is hidden – you will be ready.

            Ready Steady Go
Step 2 - Steady

Recognizing a hidden crisis is a shift that will bring up emotions-

  • Anger – “why didn’t I see this before”?
  • Fear – “How am I going to change”?
  • Joy – “Now I see it all”.
  • Confusion – “I don’t know what to do”.

You may even feel things are now worse – there is a certain comfort in the way things were despite the anxiety and worry.

There will be something in you that will want to keep things as they are and will try to convince you that change is dangerous.

Listen to these thoughts, really listen to them, and don’t dismiss them; try not to let them fly around your mind unexamined.

You can develop the ability to “ stay where you are” – and at the same time see the possibilities of being able to expand far beyond “where you are right now” - by being able to see the limiting thoughts or mind chatter for what they are really doing - keeping you stuck.

What To Do Next !

These are three useful ways of examining what you see as limitations-

You can use these methods to reach a point where the emotions of dealing with change- particularly confusion- will be less powerful and will not overwhelm you – you will be steady.

            Ready Steady Go
Step 3 - Go

Soon the day does come when you are ready to go!

This may not be dramatic; you may not wake up one morning, see everything with clear vision and be infused with the energy to change your world.

It will most likely be more subtle than that and be based on a growing feeling that you really do have the means to move on.

Feeling The Need To Move On

This feeling can be nurtured, and you can keep it growing by being open to new ways of living your days –

Lighten up - There is a seriousness around achievement in our culture – “you must do it or else “ this can be a real killjoy. It can even create a harsh judgmental attitude to yourself - laugh more!

Think bigger - when you see that the limiting thoughts and the fears are somewhat surprisingly not the real world; you will be able to see beyond them into a bigger world for yourself.

Start from where you are – when you can accept your situation without blaming (yourself or others) you will have a clean slate on which to form your intentions and goals - acceptance of all things right now is your starting point

Mix it up – relaxation and meditation will calm you and help you see beyond the “little me” of the chattering thoughts; (the ego). Don’t wait to attract good things – take action it will deepen your commitment to change.

Respect yourself - knowing that you are not your thoughts (the chatter) will help you break old habits.

Keep imagining this new version of you with old burdens lifted, and your “mistakes” seen as human error presenting a chance to learn and not as catastrophes. This will add a deepening conviction that you can make a difference.

This will not be someone you read about or see on TV - this will be you.

Become aware; become very aware that you have the courage to change -Ready Steady Go with Ready Steady Go.
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