Prosperity Consciousness

A simple definition of prosperity consciousness is thinking dominated by abundance, joy and love rather than fear, scarcity and cynicism.

When Life Is Being Good To You

When things are going well, even for a short time, it can be easy to believe in and act from prosperity thinking but a perceived negative change in circumstances can easily spark a cycle of fear and scarcity.

Often in these circumstances an unseen "thinking trap" arises that damages our ability to hold prosperity consciousness as a fundamental default condition in our outlook on life.

This Thinking Trap Of Fear And Scarcity

This thinking trap usually goes something like this –

1.    You meet someone you believe has lots of what you think you lack – friends, family, money, love, a good job.

2.    Your mind tells you there is something wrong with you because you lack enough of what it is you want.

3.    You start to concentrate on trying to figure out what you see as missing in your life that is causing this lack.

4.    You start thinking about how you might change this lack – making the absence of something the focus of your thinking.

5.    Your focus on the absence of something gives it strength to remain in your life or even grow.

6.    Your frustration at or even an acceptance of the lack of what you want as being “who you are” becomes part of the way you live, often making getting what you want very even more difficult to obtain.

This Thinking Can Be Hard To Tie Down.

Usually because of a busy life and all the worries and stress that go with it this thinking cycle can often be hard to tie down.

It usually presents itself as just a familiar frustrating feeling that can fluctuate from acceptance, on a “good” day, to feelings of being a victim on a “bad” day.

If you recognize this frustration or even an acceptance that it will be very hard to get what you want, take heart, because there is a way to bring this hidden thinking cycle out in to open and get you off the treadmill that it may have (has) become.

How To Recognize This Thinking

Recognizing the thinking cycle takes vigilance, but next time you encounter a feeling of frustration by seeing something you want but feel deep down you will never have try this -

1.    You meet someone with lots of what you think you lack – friends, family, money, love, a good job.

2.    Your mind tells you there is something wrong with you because you lack what it is you want.

3.    STOP
Yes -  just stop the thinking process; this will take practice and the momentum of old ingrained thinking habits will usually, at first persist.

But practicing "stopping" regularly you will begin to notice the ingrained thinking pattern more clearly.

And noticing is a breakthrough because now you will be aware of the process and will have put yourself in a position to make changes.

Awareness of your thinking process is the key to your "STOP SIGN" becoming effective.

There is a part of you that is not your constant thinking; a part of you that can see your thinking patterns and is free to change them.

At this point you may feel your thinking mind accepts this idea as being possible – even “easy” to do.

But strangely this feeling can be another thinking “trap”that might just allow you to begin trying to be more aware ;

  • when you have the time
  • or maybe tomorrow
  • or maybe when you have researched the concept a little more.

Even this thinking pattern can be reinforced by a feeling of vague guilt that your thinking patterns are somehow “bad” and awareness of them is “good”.

The truth is that your thinking patterns are not “bad”- they in fact were formed to protect you from perceived danger at a time when it was not possible for you to question them.    

Look at this quote –

“… I believe that people creatively develop protective patterns of thinking to reduce the possibility of further hurt, humiliation and rejection”

Dr Tony Humphries
The Power of “Negative” Thinking.

So “bad” doesn’t come into it – your old thinking patterns are there to keep you “safe” - but you have outgrown them and the next step is to become aware of them and change them to meet your needs of today.

This concept is practical and puts the idea of change being “easy” into context.

It’s not supposed to be “easy”; your thought patterns are an important part of you and when you do achieve that change from scarcity thinking to prosperity and abundance thinking it will be comforting to know that this also will not be “easy” to change.

One definition of easy is “stress-free” and an approach to change that has this idea at its core will be effective, amazingly interesting and can even be fun.

So to encourage you to engage in activating an awareness of your thinking patterns these thoughts will be helpful –

Cultivate Calmness

Being tense, preoccupied and always busy makes it difficult to break patterns that may be hurting you.
Develop a practice that includes
•    Relaxation
•    Mindfulness and
•    Meditation

If thoughts of “new age” and not of “the real world” come to mind – think again. We are now faced with deeply complex societies and individual lives that require new ways of approaching our difficulties.

This more “spiritual” approach to life is now the “real world”.

Develop Patience And Trust

Think of trust in the context of expectation.

You can’t control everything that happens in life even if you somehow think trying to do this is what is important.

But you can control your thoughts about the future and a strong positive expectation of good things coming your way despite present circumstances will build trust.

When you trust in the future patience will grow.

Be Mindful Of Your Internal Dialogue

Your words, even unspoken ones in your head, are very powerful.

If you are – like most of us - in the habit of beating yourself up - just think – if you spoke to a friend the way you sometimes speak harshly to yourself – how long would they remain your friend?

You are your own best friend – try and keep it that way.

Live Life Deliberately

A lifetime of reacting to events – sometimes “winning” sometimes “loosing” is exhausting and debilitating.

When you have developed a way of being calmer – not necessarily all the time – don’t wait "perfect" calmness – another “trap”- see what that calmer version of you is saying.

You have probably heard this type of message before – usually presented as something “in the back of your mind” that despite being ignored won’t go away.

This “message” could be there for years but was always seen as impractical or something to be done “when the time is right”.

Give it a chance – if it won’t go away it is important. If it feels right see if you can look on it as an intention – something you could deliberately build some life goals around.

From Thinking Fear And Scarcity To PROSPERITY Consciousness       

Really “seeing” your thought patterns gives you a new freedom to build prosperity consciousness into your life by re-molding the thinking process in a new direction something like this –

1.  You see someone with lots of what you think you lack – friends, family, money, love, a good job.

2.  Your mind tells you there is nothing wrong with you even if you currently lack what it is you want.

3.  You start to concentrate on trying to figure out what it is you really want.

4.  You start thinking about how you might achieve this abundance – making the abundance of something the focus of your thinking.

5.  Your focus on the abundance of something gives it strength to come in to your life and grow.

6.  Your belief, acceptance and expectation of what you want as being “who you are” becomes part of the way you

              7. You take action in a deliberate way towards your goals.

Previously, if this new step of taking action  was difficult, and something you usually forced yourself to do, you will now see a definite easing in this.

Also this action taking does not have to be “dramatic” at least to begin with.

There is an amazing release in taking action towards something you really want and that you know is part of who you really are.

A certain enthusiasm is present that is the basis of a prosperity consciousness.

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