The Power Of Intentions
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The power of intentions is usually associated with a very strong drive, a positive attitude coupled with strength, courage, determination, and a will to do anything to get to the end result.

You probably know someone like this; a person who is very strong willed and has a determination to succeed “at all costs”. You could find yourself getting out of their way but even admiring them for their strength and determination.

This type of person may seem to have zest for an outcome and for living, but if you look deeper you will see ego at work.

Their drive will be coming from their ego (left brain) which will justify what is achieved as “success” despite the possible cost to their health or relationships with others.

But there is another way to access strength, zest and determination for getting things done that can enable us to succeed without damaging our health or relationships.

This way is available to us all and it works by leading us to our true intentions and enables us to take action in a non destructive way. 

Setting Intentions

Your subconscious mind picks up many messages throughout your life, from your home, your friends, your school, even the culture of the country you live in.

All of the messages from these sources have accumulated in your subconscious and thus you have your past.

It is these past messages that come to the fore when situations and actions need to be taken now.

We take the old messages and use them to find answers by projecting them into the future. By doing this we are unconsciously taking actions not based on fact but on how we have dealt with problems in the past.
But in doing this, answers are based on history, your own history. This can happen without you even knowing it.

So if these historical messages are making you act as you always did, and keeping you in a situation that is not a happy one, you have to seek change in your life.

Becoming aware that acting through ego to solve problems created by ego keeps you on a treadmill,is the beginning of change.

I would love to shout this out loud.

Have you seen this treadmill in your life – the same problems appearing again and again with ego convincing you that you have not had the luck or that someone or something else is to blame this time?

When you recognize this, awareness has arisen and you can then begin to find the power of intentions coming from within.

Finding The Power Of Intentions From That Inner Self

Your intent is an inner power that can become manifested through the process of setting goals. Goals are the setting down of things you wish to accomplish in your life.

The left side of your brain, where the chatterbox lives, draws on past experience (the history) and can present you with obstacles like:

  • Be careful - you might fail.
  • Achieving this is not possible because...
  • "They" will think I'm a fool.
  • I haven't the strength to do this.
  • Why can't you just accept what you have...

This can become so overwhelming that instead of getting things done you find you can slip very easily into procrastination and continue blaming.

The left side brain is very necessary for analysis, language, calculating and making action happen. About 96% of us live out our lives only through the left side of the brain.

We do have the other side however; the right side that we seldom draw on. It is in keeping our left side quiet through meditation, and calmness, that we allow the right side to come forward.

It views the world completely differently than the left side.

It deals with right here, right now; it is a very powerful, joyful, peaceful, smiley, glass half full place to be.

It is where you find the other you - your innerself where there are no physical boundaries no beginnings or ends just your connection with the wholeness of the universe. It is where the power of intent lies.

It is in realizing how to live your life through using the right side brain that you can truly make a difference to your own life and the lives of others. There you can find the real you.

So when next you find yourself moaning, criticizing, judging yourself, judging others not being satisfied with what is, it means your left brain side is dominant.

In recognizing this happening you have actually created awareness, which is the beginning of your new way of being in the world. 

The two sides of the brain are intricately woven to make our whole mind, so in using the two we allow our right side to be the creator and the left side to be the implementer.

So allow your intentions to stem from your right side (meditation, quietness, calmness creates the space which allows them to come up) and implement them from your left side through your goal setting techniques to make them come to fruition.

You can actually look on at intentions coming to fruition or falling into place, this is called synchronicity.

Give yourself time to find this; it is not an overnight thing. A wonderful tool to use to create the feeling of your intentions coming to fruition is visualization.Using this method you will find the power of intentions.

The power of intentions is available to you - find it and you will turn your life around.

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