Patience And Trust
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Patience and Trust seem to be less relied on now than in the past; today it seems to be mainly about getting instant results.

When we desire change we like to feel we can have it instantly like a download from the computer.

Yet we can all be so afraid of change; which is stepping out into the unknown.

Fear of the unknown tends to make us want to stay comfortable with our lot in life and perhaps allowing us to moan a little about wanting more.

Once you step away from the comfortable stagnant state you can find a new path in life for yourself.

When beginning to change there can be fear and self doubt along the way, and a great desire to get to where you want to go very quickly. 

Patience is knowing, to take time to pay attention to detail and Trust is when you take your time because you know things will turn out fine.

Acceptance and surrender at the outset that things may not turn out exactly as planned is part of patience and trust.


Change does not happen overnight; indeed if it did you may find yourself a little off balance. It takes time to change which of course means having patience to accommodate your feelings, gain knowledge and implement action for and during the change.

At times during change we may lose sight of the bigger picture we have drawn for ourselves. This can be because we tend to become so involved in each step along the way, and allow worry and fear of the details to come in. This is the ego arising.

By not seeing the big picture we can lose our patience and trust.

At a time like this it is very important to stand back from it all - take "time out". e.g :

  • Take a small vacation.
  • Take a day away from what you always do.
  • Go for a walk.
  • Meet friends.
  • Try relaxation and meditation.

Doing what you usually don’t do helps you gather yourself together and enables you to see the bigger picture again and again. By doing this you can regain your patience and trust again and again.

Everything and everybody needs time to grow and flower

Right now there are daffodils just beginning to pop up their heads in my window boxes, they just didn’t appear overnight a lot of unseen work went on under the soil all through winter to create these beautiful flowers.

So too with our lives all the little things mount up and create your final picture.

Knowing this, we can learn to have patience and stick with creating change. Flowers don't push time they go with the flow of growth so too with having patience.


Trust goes hand in hand with patience. When we trust we are reaching into a deeper part of ourselves; a part that knows rather than understands. It is difficult to put words on it.
Trust will keep doubt and fear away but there will be times when doubt and fear raise their heads. Knowing that you want to reach an outcome will dispel these little worms.

This is an age of great uncertainty but ironically this uncertainty is the one thing we can be certain of.

For decades we have been very used to some certainty especially if we have secured a lifelong pensionable job. That "security" is almost extinct now and uncertainty prevails.

So this is the time to reach within and know and learn trust

Trust is about believing in an outcome before you see it. We are more use to saying "I will believe it when I see it", which is based on a negative perception rather than the positive knowing feeling on the path to an outcome.

Trust gives empowerment and embraces the unknown with a great degree of fun and wonder.

Patience is taking time to deal with actions, coincidences and events on the path to an outcome.

Trust is knowing that from your actions based on your decision making, synchronicity and unexpected events will lead to an outcome that may be even better than you envisioned.

Patience and Trust

These are key ingredients for success.
Do not fear or doubt.

Time and Knowing are in great abundance.

Patience is knowing that you will always have time.

Trust is the knowing all will be well.

Having clear goals and adding them to patience and trust is an excellent recipe for success.

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