Overcoming Fear

Overcoming fear happened for me when about 5- 6 years ago I had an incredible feeling while driving to work. I had my own business at the time and it was not going so good. I had people chasing me for money it seemed from all angles and I was quite frantic and agitated.

Suddenly this particular day while waiting at the traffic light just turning towards my work I had a realization, a moment of clarity, or you could call it an AHA ! Gotcha ! or a paradigm shift moment

I realized so clearly that I was dealing with fear.

You might think that an obvious statement but more importantly alongside that feeling concerning my own situation I had the incredible realization that most of our deepest worries seem to evolve from our fears. Just all of everyday living seemed this way.

It was from that moment on that I started to do what I now call ONION PEELING. 

When a difficult situation presents itself and I find I am doing nothing about it, I know that fear has arisen.

I know now how to recognize the feeling or the emotion – it is there when I am not getting thing done that need doing.

How simple but how revealing; now I can see why I am not where I want to be – YES- because of fear.

I am not talking here about the type of fear that you could experience in a life or death situation like looking down the barrel of a gun but the mind created illusion of disaster.

    Onion Peeling=How To Overcome Fear    

This idea of onion peeling for overcoming fear really works for me, I use it all the time, and my family use it too.

Firstly we must recognize the fear feeling; then we can deal with onion peeling to overcome it.

Most of us do not even realize the level of fear we experience in our daily lives, and that most of our negative perceptions and worries are created from fear.

We never consider that we can actually get to the point of overcoming fear. How many times in the day do you say:
• I have to
• I must
• If I don’t do this I will.....
• I should not have said that because...
• Such and such will happen if I do or don't do this....

Happen” now there’s the key factor - that is where you peel the onion back to.
• The happening if I do a certain thing a certain way....
• The event if I don't do it right...
• The consequences if I don't do something.....

When you are experiencing fear on any one thing - stop and think why am I so afraid of this?

Always peel LIKE AN ONION LAYER UPON LAYER bring the situation right back to the consequences that will arise if you actually deal with the situation.

When you look that in the eye you have your answer.

Sometimes the reason for the fear can be hidden. Take your time, fears come to us from many aspects of our lives as far back as our childhood but these can be dealt with.

You may even need professional help with your real fears because some of our fears can be very difficult to deal with. But what is so magnificent is that in dealing with our fears we can begin a journey of surrender away from self sabotage or to put it another way "Feel the fear and do it anyway" - author Susan Jeffers

Accepting Consequences

Accepting the consequences of our actions is a major healing mechanism and is so much a part of overcoming fear. 

When you accept or surrender to the consequences of dealing with difficult situations you are in a very powerful place and decisions can now be made.

You will then find that most of your fear was unfounded and that the problem will resolve itself a lot differently than your fear predicted at the outset.

When a problem is resolved you may think that you have finally dealt with overcoming fear and find yourself saying ..."well now that’s that I will never have to worry again because I have sorted this out". But, guess what, in a very short time fear will most likely set in again because something else has reared it’s little head. 

Making use of Fear

How on earth can I make use of fear? I just want it to go away!

Fear is part of our lives but it can take over and sometimes can even debilitate us so much that we become frozen with fear.

This is not unusual and can be especially so in difficult times or when we have to perform some new task or tackle a new project.

But it is the feeling of fear that makes you realize you are getting a message. It is in the recognition of this message that you can move through the fear. 

We do not always recognize fear as a message. There is little hope of overcoming fear if it becomes suppressed. Instead of recognizing the message we may put ourselves down by saying:

• how nervous I am
• how I am of no use
• I am always afraid
• I can’t do anything right
• I have no confidence
• I am useless

And so on!

There is fear in life and also we do live in an age of anxiety and fear.

Listen to your fear, onion peel, and use the message that it is giving to take action.

This can be a very rewarding way of dealing with fear.

Your fear message is a trigger to do something.

Do Something

Once a long time ago my tiny son aged about 3 ,filled with fear because of a sudden illness screamed at me -

"don't just stand there - do something"! 

I did do something - I took action while feeling the fear.

So it is about taking action, the hard bit, but this can be by taking baby steps ;this is where you are overcoming fear. You push through the fear by taking the necessary action and you will come out the other side --- this fear is now over.

When you practice this way of life you are indeed living more joyfully and what is more you are actually objectively looking on at fear and looking on at life.

It does not mean that you do not feel the emotion but you know how to make use of it. You can expand this to a new way of living and it will be a great support in overcoming fear and getting things done in all other areas of fear in your life -

(Fear of money is a very interesting, and unusual eye opening fear.)

What a way to live by overcoming fear!

It is a tremendous journey that you can take yourself on; you will get from where you are to where you want to be.

There is a lovely statement:
“If you always do what you always did you will always get what you always got”

Mark Twain

So use your fear to help LIVE A FEARLESS LIFE and create change so then you will not be doing what you always did and you will get different results than before.

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