The Meaning Of Ego
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The real meaning of ego is not something we are usually aware of but still about 96% of us live our lives through the use of our ego.

Others live it through giving it a rest and using it only to implement actions.

By giving it a rest you create a means of accessing a higher self (also known as your inner self) - the other way to live your life.

What Is The Definition Of Ego?

If you are anything like me I always thought that someone had an ego if they had an exaggerated sense of self importance for example:

If they talked about themselves a lot:

• Who they are!

• What they have! 

• How great they are!

What is called big headed and rather showy, if you get my meaning?

I didn’t tend to be like that, but I would often listen to someone being like that and feel very inadequate.

I would judge myself downwards and would also judge that person as a "pain in the neck" and yet even wishing to be a little bit like them.

What I didn’t know was that both positions are ego driven: the person who never stops talking about themselves and me putting myself down and wishing to be like them - each of these attitudes coming from the voice in the head.

This voice continuously talks - talks, chatter - chatter.

It never seems to cease and it gives rise to a different emotion based on each thought, for example:

• Your chatterbox (ego) can talk yourself up and you become high
• Your chatterbox (ego) can talk yourself down and you become low.

Then I realized just through taking charge of my chatterbox I could change the way I was living in the world for the better.I began to understand the meaning of ego.

At the outset I felt a bit annoyed and thought why oh why was I not told this before?

Why Don't People Know About The Meaning Of Ego?

The reason is, and not too many people realize this, 96% of people live their lives through ego, that’s a lot of people not knowing - so how could I have been told it.

Also the other 4% who do not use the chattering ego as their guide through life do not talk about this.

Amazingly the 96% judge the 4% to be a little strange.

Ironically the opposite is the case that 4%, are not strange, indeed are very much centered and extremely balanced - they understand the meaning of ego.

Become aware of the chattering ego and know that in doing so you can live a happier life and make the people you live, work, and associate with happier also.

One big big piece of knowledge to have is; that if you wish to live a different way it comes from the inside out “it is an inside job”.

The chatterbox does not do an "inside job".

By getting to know yourself you will then start to be different, more positive, about yourself and others around you. There is no doubt about this. Life comes to you rather that you chasing life.

About Ego

This is so worth reading as it is the basis for understanding what ego is about.

Broadly speaking if you were to look at a brain there are two hemispheres or sides separated from each other. Each hemisphere or side deals with different things and are connected by a little connecting tube of nerve fibers (called the corpus callosum).

Each side actually has a different personality

Your left hemisphere or side deals with the past and future and is very systematic and organized.

It takes information; categories it, and sub categories it and keeps it filed away. It deals in language.

It takes the past from those categorized experiences and projects or throws them into the future to methodically organize future possibilities for solving issues.

Put another way; you see from your experiences, which includes your conditioned past, what is likely to occur in the future for solving issues.

In trying to solve issues by using this side of your brain alone, you are not basing your outcomes on any facts just past experiences.

This is EGO at work.

There is no patience no trust no empowerment just fear.

It works through language – the voice in the head.

The Voice in the Head

The left side of your brain works through language – the voice in the head.

This voice in the head when left unchecked becomes the dominant side of your brain (left hemisphere or side) - your outer self.

When this happens your right hemisphere or side doesn’t get the chance to come in because of all that constant chatter going on in the head. (Learn about your right side in new life through knowing yourself)

It is when that left hemisphere or side is the main controller of your life, that you are living a life through the voice in the head.

It is in having this knowledge about the meaning of ego that you can look on and know how living like this affects you and others in our life.

Furthermore when you know this you can try and quieten it, you can actually create a positive shift in your life

The Constant Chatter

Remember the left side brain uses the past to project events etc it doesn't deal with the facts, that is why it is not dealing with reality.

You so often hear people say "get real", because this could happen or that could happen, - no reality there, only the chatterbox creating fear.   

When you surrender or accept any situation or problem, you start to see the facts - this is transcending the ego.

When you deal only with the facts of a situation, you can't go wrong.

By surrendering decision making comes from facts and not from reacting to the chatterbox in your head based on non fact and fear.

Your left side brain is for your plans and actions.

But when it starts chattering it is a warning sign that something needs sorting out. It is giving you a message but may be trying to have you react to this message in the usual conditioned way.

Through knowledge and awareness the trick is being able to pause, look at the facts, and move into action and not reaction.

Have a look at this amazing video by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor is a Harvard-trained and published neuroanatomist (Brain Scientist) who experienced a severe hemorrhage in the left hemisphere of her brain in 1996

This Video Is Her Story

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