The Importance Of
Goal Setting

The importance of goal setting cannot be understated because it's the absence of goal setting that leads to rushing around without a focused purpose.

I know this because this was part of my life for a long time.

It is so easy to get stuck without direction or goals,and without effective goal setting procrastination as a way of life can easily set in. Looking back you see nothing you really want has been achieved. This can convince you that life is very difficult.

Most of us are not used to settting goals because we don’t know how, or we might feel goals are only for very ambitious people and we lack the confidence to apply this ambition to ourselves.

We may also feel too busy, caring for children, holding down a job, maintaining relationships and carry on for years just reacting to situations trying to avoid what we don't want to happen.

Others of us have vague goals in our heads and don’t go about getting things done or can’t create action for goals to come to fruition.

Benefits Of Goal Setting

Making goals helps you to consider what your intentions in life really are.

Clear goals will help you visualize the actual situations you want and can move you away from concentrating too much on what you don't want.

What you think about and visualize most of the time tends to grow in your life.

In other words what you focus on grows:

So deliberately moving your thoughts away from vague ambitions to clearer goals changes your outlook. You may then begin to see ways in which your goals can be achieved. 

Deliberately creating thoughts in your mind first and then through action seeing even sometimes small achievements come about is the essence of successful goal setting.

This can even help with your energy levels because having direction in life is very uplifting in contrast to vagueness and being fearful and hesitant.

Goals can also help you get to know yourself as you get to understand how you feel when you have difficult things to do or when something doesn’t turn out as well as you expected.

You become accountable to yourself for life and so you take responsibility for all matters and in so doing you actually create freedom in your life -you do the decision making.

When you realize this you will want to do the very best you can to achieve your intentions in life through your goal setting.

You will find out things about yourself that will amaze you and you begin to live life in a different manner.

You will grow,gain knowledge and recognize abilities that perhaps you didn't know you had.

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