I Surrender
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"I surrender" sounds like defeat and giving in but it is actually the very opposite.

Have you ever said to yourself, when you find things or people are just too much for you, – “I have had enough I give up” and then your whole body just drops with relief?

What you have in fact done at that particular moment of presence is surrender,which is relinquishing trying to control everything.

We usually do not consider doing this. We tend to want to find an answer for everything that comes our way and guess what - you do not need to do this.

Non surrender comes from fear about whatever you perceive an outcome might be:
• You may be in debt and fear about what can be done to you.
• You may fear loss of a partner in divorce.
• You may fear a job loss.
• You may fear what people think about you.

If situations like these are not in our control zone, we still tend to try to solve them anyway. Our chatterbox (ego) can have a field day.

The mind is only capable of thinking about one thing at a time.

So when there is a lot to deal with, the mind can shoot from one thing to another and that is not a healthy situation.

When things seem out of our control we may get overwhelmed and perhaps angry, upset, and saddened.


When you find yourself overwhelmed you are unable to come up with good solutions, you react instead of acting.

Reaction is fear driven and you can end up dealing with the fallout from this. Instead another way of acting is from knowledge and presence; coming from a different place in your mind.

When you are reacting life becomes more complicated and convoluted.

The act of surrender allows you to detach from things and to view your situation differently and there is no defeat in this.

That detachment brings you to a different state of consciousness and awareness.

Detachment brings with it calmness. Acting from this different state very different answers come to you.

You are able to see all manner of things that are unable to come through you when you are fear stricken. 

It Is Difficult To Do Sometimes

If you imagine someone hurdling terrible insults at you, trying to become and stay detached and surrender would be very difficult in this situation.

It is in the acceptance of that person for who they are at that particular moment, and realizing that it is actually their ego talking,that you find detachment.

The most likely response to that person’s insults is to hurdle more insults back.

But in doing this you would be giving away your power.
Any empowerment you ever had could just disappear.

By finding the now moment of looking on and accepting the situation you can then detach, and calmness will set in.

You may then find you can then deal with the situation very differently by saying nothing, just allowing the person to let it out.

You have in fact taken the fuel or the energy away from the situation which could otherwise have created an unending argument.

The energy level of the whole situation changes – no fuel - the other person has nothing to be fuelled about. You have in fact taken control through surrender, which is different from being overwhelmed and trying to take charge by reacting through your emotions.

This is detachment and stems from an inner strength of awareness of self and knowing this is truely understanding surrender.

Examples of detachment:
• Not reacting to anger.
• Not allowing someone get you down.
• Not allowing highs or lows to take over.
• Not reacting immediately.

I have seen at first hand where people have destroyed each other and their relationship by continuous reacting and not taking the time out to detach and find their inner strength through awareness of self.

It is through awareness of self that difficult situations can become more easily handled.

Become aware of the chatterbox - the ego part of you.

Ego is the incessant chatter that goes on in our heads. It hates to surrender it will find all types of reasons to continue telling you what should or should not be done, like -"he said this but I said that", "I will not let him away with it" - and it goes on and on.

Our negative emotions and our reactions are fuelled from ego.

Finding your creative or peaceful side is to find the present moment where true surrender is possible.

Try to live in the present, it takes a lot of practice but just being aware of it is a huge leap to awareness of self.

Finding the creative side and the present moment is greatly helped through relaxation and meditation .See (New Life

You can surrender at any given moment and know that there are no fears or worries there. It is with this awareness and practice that we could all live in a nicer and kinder world, a great shift would happen for us all.

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