How To Visualize
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Learning how to visualize is an extremely effective way of helping you attain your goals.

This is especially true if you feel "stuck" and want to change an old inner negative outlook to a new positive one.

It is not "daydreaming" or "wishful thinking" but an effective and joyful method to move past hope to real achievement.

Believe Me It Is Of Immense Importance

Learning how to visualize is the secret ingredient of goal setting. WOW!

Take your goal setting seriously but have fun,do it with great enthusiasm and expectation, become an expert at creative visualization and then take action = This Is The Secret For Successfully Achieving Your Goals.                   

Examples Of Goals You May Wish To Achieve

  • :A new house, what type size and where!
  • A new car - be specific.
  • Your current home redesigned - a plan.
  • Your gardens redesigned - a plan.
  • Improved relationships with family and friends!
  • Wealth - know why and for what!
  • Completion of a study course.
  • Improved environment - local and world!
  • Travel - places you wish to experience!

You can have as many of goals as you wish but don’t go for too many; you may lose focus and become overwhelmed.

How To Visualize Your Goals

But how would you actually go about setting goals?

You definitely need to off load them !!.... HOW

Creating a vision board to help with visualization is by far the best way to set down your goals.

A vision board is a visual representation of your goals – on a wall, in a book, on your computer, on your phone but somewhere that you will readily see during the course of your day.

YES It's All About You You You

Your vision board should represent visuals of your version of your goals.
You could use photos from books, magazines, leaflets, downloads etc.

When using words with your visuals; have no negative slant what so ever, and avoid using the word “want.” Want represents a lack mentality.

         How To Visualize - A Sample Vision Board

Try not to make it too complicated - you can always change things as you go. 

Select goals you truly like and that make you feel joyful, are challenging, and which give you a good energy feeling.

Be the center of your vision board.

Put in a real photo of yourself make it strong with lots of color, for example it you have a health goal show yourself jumping for joy.

Become Challenged By Your Goals

Set goals that move you beyond your comfort zone.

Visualization is what helps you to see yourself achieving outside that comfort zone.

It helps you see and feel the achievement and not the limiting details that were keeping you in your comfort zone - seeing and feeling as if it has already happened.

When You Feel Like Giving Up

At times you may feel resistance through the process, it may seems all too much for you.

Procrastination may set in - go back to your vision board and pick up on your visualization again.

                       Just keep turning up!

You do not have to figure out how each goal is going to happen, just know that through strong intention and baby steps along the road to getting things done you will get there!

How to Visualize From Intentions

To help attain your goals live life with a definite purpose.

Be sure to know the reason why you wish to attain certain goals.

Let the reason for your goals come from your wishes and desires - your intentions.

Intentions Give You A Strong Purpose

Your intentions (wishes and desires) come to you from within and are not driven by a need to get what you require at any cost.

Getting what you feel you have to have at any cost comes from conditioned ego.

Watch out for this - use relaxation and meditation to help calm the ego and access your true intentions and from this build your own unique visualization exercises.

Hold fast that through accessing your intentions your goals have come from deep inside you; from your right side brain.

When you approach your goals from this point of view you see the opportunities much more clearly.

Seeing Opportunity

Some call this luck I prefer synchronicity – opportunities and helpful events just come together (Law of attraction) - this can be amazing to see; even seem miraculous.

 The Conditioned Ego

Ego can keep you has learned to protect you by using what it knows from the past to predict the future.

Sometimes that past can triggers fear and can stop you moving out of your comfort zone

However there is no need to completely dismiss it.

Just watch out for it playing "conditioned tricks" on you - possibly convincing you to do things as you have always done; leading to the "old" predictable outcomes.

This Is Why You Have A Vision Board

Keep this very strongly in mind: "your visual goal setting" is to help change those "conditioned tricks" those triggers - that is why you have a vision board - it allows you to dismiss the triggers and stay focused on your goals.

Other Ways To Help With "Triggers"

Consider using positive notes or cards with photos of your goals, these can be left anywhere around the house so that you are receiving new triggers to combat the old conditioned ones. 

Consider using positive vocabulary at every opportunity - watch out for your use of "should", "have to" "want to" "need to" "must have" and other phrases that diminish your power.

What Dissolving The Triggers Can Do

By weakening old triggers your energy and vibration changes and you will find yourself in a positive frame of mind much more often.

Review your goals every month or so and change your vision board to accommodate achievements - as you will be achieving - and from these achievements new goals will evolve.

Remember learning how to visualize your desires with enthusiasm, expectation and persistence, and then taking action, is the secret to success.

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