How To Overcome Negativity

Ending Negativity

In thinking about how to overcome negativity I would often wonder why and how successful people did what they did to become successful. Well I just assumed they were better at what they did and were just lucky with their encounters in life.

I accepted that was how life was; you see I probably would not get their opportunities so I will try to be happy with my lot.

I never thought that my thinking had anything to do with where I was in life. I actually didn’t realize that the way I thought had such an impact on my life.

You just think to figure out what to do - don’t you? Isn’t that what everybody does?

Our Thoughts

I had decided that people had certain types of personalities and it was this alone that contributed to how they lived their lives.

That was it.

But wow! Just imagine my joy in realizing, in knowing, it is the quality of my thoughts that gave me my unique way of being in the world.

It is the quality of my thinking that has in fact brought me to the very situation I am in this very moment in time.

Yes! Yes! Yes !

Happy or Sad

Your very thoughts create your world; what an amazing piece of information to live with and use.

I really began to notice that sad people have sad thoughts and say sad things while happy people have happy thoughts and say happy things.

You have a choice

Now life has its up and downs, happy or sad but it is our reactions to life’s events that determine our state of wellbeing - Happy or Sad.

When difficult situation happen we actually have a choice of dealing with it in a happy or sad mode.

With negativity as an outlook on our life’s events, we can become stagnant; we can create reasons as to why something can’t get sorted and expect more difficult situations to occur. So life can become a burden and the victim mentality appears – "poor me".

How often have you heard the saying “life is a b**ch then you die”, and other things like –

  • "this always seems to happen to me".
  • "I can never get anything right".
  • "Nothing good happens to me".
  • "My house is always full of clutter and untidy".

This negative way of life is very burdensome and contributes nothing to the well being of yourself or others.

It actually saps your energy.

Have a good think - do you know a person or people like this?

Maybe you are a little bit like this yourself?

Become a watcher of yourself and get a sense of how often you default to sad or happy.

Do you realize that your way of being can affect others in your life? Do we consider this often enough?

Media - A Negative Bias

In our world today it is easy to be negative. We are presented with it in our homes every day.

Consider these.......

  • Is the news on TV or Radio positive?
  • Are most current affairs programs positive?
  • Are most films/movies happy or rough tough and sad? There are of course life affirming movies and documentaries but most content seems to be disaster driven.
  • Newspaper headlines!
  • The economy is never on the up it’s always a disaster.

I recently heard a relatively minor glitch being described as a “pure disaster” – the language strains to describe how badly we want to communicate negativity.

I believe with so much negativity thrown at us every day it must have a collective affect on the world as a whole.

Right now our world economy is rather shaken, but the continuous negative reporting, I believe, only adds to the situation. Yet in the midst of it all, there are great success stories happening in every country but we seldom hear about them.

We Love Negativity

Well, we seem to like it - it sells newspapers, brings viewers to the movies /TV and, guess what, it can be a great comfort zone to wallow in and share with others.

There is comfort in it because it gives us permission to do little about life. It is a creator of stagnation and limiting beliefs and creates "no go" areas in our minds.

Wallowing in negativity can lead to ill health, disease and a sad life.

Who wants to live like this? So let's waken up!

How To Overcome Negativity - Where to Start

Become aware of the thought patterns you tend to use. When something is suggested for you to achieve do you constantly find yourself giving off reasons as to how it can’t be done, or find a negative point somewhere in its midst?

Is your negativity stopping you from achieving and convincing you that you cannot change your life; a life that can lead to more joyful feelings and better circumstances?

Victim Mentality

Are you a victim of life? Do you get comfort from negative events?

Do you find yourself pleasingly telling others of disasters you have heard about, and as a consequence attracting similarly negative people to you?

Be the watcher of yourself and recognize how you think and how negativity affects you and others around you.

You Are Responsible

Wherever you are with your life right now it is your very own thoughts that have created your life situation. As the owner of those thoughts you are absolutely responsible for your situation.

That kind of hurts doesn’t it, but it is true.


Negativity is born of fear of achieving goals, wishes and dreams and it hinders creativity.

It is the chatter box (ego) in your head that can constantly create a “why it can’t be done syndrome”and is a big factor in preventing you from overcoming negativity.This needs attending to so you can move on and make changes and live a purposeful and fulfilled life.

When I feel negativity coming on, I firstly recognize my body going tight especially my tummy and shoulders. Next the stream of thought and visuals come flooding in - visuals with disaster as an outcome.

It feels like I am twisting like a cork screw because the disaster imaginings seem by far to outweigh any positive outcome.

But now I can stand back and tell myself to look on at what is going on and say “let me analyze me now”. And above all I can start to recognize the possibilities of another way to deal with the negative thoughts and mental pictures.

How To Overcome Negativity-
Trust In Life

I now take time to consider arising situations and I use the word TRUST over and over again. 

Trust dispels fear and negativity and keeps the chatter box quiet.

Through this I am changing my negative way and allowing and trusting whatever the outcome, even if it's not what I expected.

Using trust unexpected and sometimes wonderful things can happen in a given situation that you could never dream of.

Some refer to positive unexpected outcomes as luck others refer to them as little miracles.

So don’t stand still, take action, even a positive baby step, and trust and accept the outcome.

When taking action with trust change starts to happen and the feeling of negativity starts to disappear

A Conditioned Response

Remember also you have probably spent many years with a conditioned negative response so practice is needed to change. Don’t give up, add this to the many other ways you will use to change your life they are all interconnected.

You can change your conditioning and this really is how to overcome negativity.

You are not hard wired and you can change a negative way of being in the world.
Negativity has answers for you; it tells you what it is that you must change.
Don’t be a victim of life; be the owner of your life.

You too can be successful.

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