How To Make A Decision

Do you know how to make a decision or do you have great difficulty with this? There can be times when we find we are unable to make a decision on almost anything.

You may find that if life gets difficult decision making can become very hard and confusing and in these circumstances  we often do nothing.

Strange as it may seem sometimes it can be best to do nothing.

Not Making A Decision

Ironically doing nothing about something is actually making a decision and an outcome of some type will still ensue.

Doing nothing may not be seen as great advice on how to make a decision but in certain circumstances it may be the right thing to do.

When we find ourselves in difficult situations, there can be a tendency to react by making snap decisions, hoping for the right outcome.

A decision that leads you to a difficult situation may have you think that you should never have made that decision in the first place.

There Are No Wrong Decisions

If you are not happy with a decision stop and think:

  • What can you learn from that decision?
  • If you see the outcome as adversity; you can turn it into an opportunity.
  • You can allow the outcome to send you in a new direction.
  • Was the decision taken as a reaction to something?

How To Make A Decision

Allow decisions to come from knowing your intentions; these intentions come from deep inside yourself - your innerself.

It is in knowing what your intentions are that enables you to make useful decisions towards the outcome of those intentions.

This is a decision making skill you can learn through practice.

To Make A Decision - Set Intentions

Take one of your intentions- it can be small or big

  • Focus on a single requirement (this requirement can just be a baby step on the way to the overall outcome)
  • Decide what it is you must do.
  • Take the action necessary.

Have your overall intention in mind alongside your action.

Your intentions come from the right side of the brain (See New Life) the part that is connected to the universe it is the side of the brain where there is no self chatter.

Outcomes From A Decision

Whatever the outcome, see it as being OK, it may be different than you imagined, but don't dismiss it.

It is likely to be a step towards your overall intention.

Having knowledge and an understanding in the use of patience and trust, is very important in living with the outcome of a decision.

When you trust your innerself, you can cope with the outcome, and that outcome will not be seen as a problem.

If you use decision making in this manner you will enjoy doing what you need to do and fear will not be a feature.

A nice way forward, having taken a decision, is to say to yourself:

“I wonder what will come from this”?

"Let me go ahead and see it fall into place" (synchronicity).

In doing this you are creating wonder in your life.

You then start seeing decisions and actions in a new light.
Actions taken through your inner self are not reactions that come through ego and will get you step by step to the fulfillment of your overall intention.

Our World
There is a lot of reactionary egotistical decisions made in our world today. This could lead to the destruction of society as we know it.

That may sound a little too much, but consider this, anything that continues in difficulty is sure to collapse.

If we all do our bit through non reactionary decision making, we could change our own life and how we live with each other. We could create a more joyful world.

Indeed many important decisions are well thought through and are made by intelligent people, but they are mainly driven by short term gain as their principal goal, this by definition is reactionary.

These decisions are not taken for longer term concerns such as caring, love, healing, and the sharing necessary to sustain a wholesome society.

It will take a paradigm shift in society to enable acceptance of how to make decisions in a non reactionary way.

Remember how to make a decision will be make clearer through knowing your intentions.

How To Make A Decision -The Definition of Empowerment

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