How To
Change Your Life

Knowing how to change your life when circumstances are difficult can often seem next to impossible but the ability to do just this resides within all of us.

If you do feel that life is just one struggle after another you are most definitely not alone.

But changing this does not have to be about “putting up” with and increasing your resistance to the “bad” circumstances out there that you see as causing your struggles.

You really do have the ability within you to see your life circumstances in a different way and realize that life does not have to be such a struggle.

We Can Take The Struggle Out Of life

Well it doesn’t have to be such a struggle and here is where you can learn how change your life for the better.

It is not for the exceptional few it is for all of us so called “everyday people” I use the phase loosely but you know what I mean.

It is not so much about the actual doing of new things to change your life; it is more about attitudes to life.

           What Type of Attitudes?

       Do you have a positive attitude or a negative attitude in what you do?

That is do you live your life through positivity or through negativity?

How to Find Out

To create change in your life you need to be able to look on at yourself and be like a witness to your actions - both positive and negative.

So changing your life is not about dashing around doing things faster or seemingly better,making countless resolutions to change and filling your every wakening moment with new activity.

It is actually the opposite.  It is, the topsy turvy way or upside down way of looking to create change.

Looking On At You

The person you are right now is the conditioned you. Yes that is what I said the "conditioned" you.

Of course it is you, but have you ever stopped to consider how this you got to be as you are?

In so doing you can start considering who the real you is behind this conditioning.

The Real You

It is possible to know another you and through this knowledge create a new way of living.

Two steps for how to change your life:

1. Start by being grateful for your life as it is right now.

By doing this you will become more aware of your own wishes and desires and be less influenced by a learned or conditioned response to life events.

You will also realize that what you have done and achieved to this point in life has led you to your now situation, and be able to see and accept full responsibility for where you are.

2. Develop gratitude for all you have.

And know this; having gratitude for being at this point in your life is the right way to feel because all your experiences are useful and empowering.

So regret nothing - it is all useful.

Building The New You

From this point in time you can begin to move from where you are right now and use what you have right now and begin to create change by watching your conditioned responses and by developing a positive attitude to life.

It is time to find the real you.

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