Having A Positive Attitude

Having a positive attitude is simply the opposite of having a negative attitude.
Have you ever heard about any successful person having a constant negative attitude?

Indeed who would want to work with such a person, who wants to be with such a person; they would just drag you and other people down.

How could life enhancing decisions ever get made?

Success begins with a projection of intentions and a solid trust in a successful outcome This is positivity.

Who decides if you should be positive or negative?

Society can deem that you behave in a certain manner when certain circumstance occurs.

Who said you should be miserable for instance if you get into debt or if your partner leaves you?

Emotions go with this territory but you don’t have to wear misery forever;you can get yourself through the emotion and out the other end.

Indeed there are possibly times when you may need professional help with situations to get to the other end. But during such a process it is important to get to know yourself.

It seems like a negative world that we live in because all perceived bad situations are mostly presented through the well defined role of the media. Disasters, bad news and negative headlines get noticed. Where is the good news media?

Positive People - Positive Attitude.

Positive people are different because they certainly have a way of turning "failure" into a success, have success in their lives, are happier, healthier, and know less stress.

Why? - Because they trust the future with confidence and have gratitude for what life sends their way.

It is important to realize that our thoughts:

  • Define who and where we are in the world at any given time.
  • Hinder or promote creativity.
  • Define who our friends and acquaintances are.
  • Determine the degree of success we attain.
  • Determine if we are crisis or opportunity driven.
  • Determine if we are optimistic or pessimistic.
  • Can hinder giving and receiving. 

Positivity does not mean going around like a "happy chappy" on a high all the time in denial of life’s’ perceived crises and the emotional pain that arises in life.

Positive people do have emotional pain in their lives but realize that emotions and thoughts can be used as a means to change life for the better.


It is necessary to recognize emotions and allow them in, so they can pass through (sometimes this takes time, patience and trust).You then come out the other end of the emotion to a clearer and better place. This is necessary so that you do not fill to overflowing with unrecognized emotions and become ill.

If you do not allow emotions to go through you, how can you heal or how can you feel for other people in perhaps a similar situation?

In not developing empathy,you can remain stuck in judging others (Ego) and can be of a mindset "I do not wish to know your problem -  I have problems of my own". In this mindset you will be focussing exclusively on your own problems and giving them energy to grow.    

If you develop empathy for others you can help them; this may in turn help them develop empathy and pass it on.

With this mindset you can help free yourself from concentrating exclusively on your own problems and this will weaken their grip on your mind.

However there are people who are just so stuck in negativity that you cannot help them. But you are not responsible for anyone except yourself; you can only do so much.

So wish these people well and hold an intention that somehow they will break free from negativity, get through their emotions and become positive.


Having a positive attitude attracts positive things and people; remember you are your thoughts

Some typical attributes of a positive person:

  • Showing happiness and joy.
  • Being confident about their abilities.
  • Knowing that they are responsible for their own lives.
  • Do not blame others.
  • Are confident about life.
  • Choose to be happy even in difficult times (who ever said you are not to be happy?)
  • Recognizing emotion and allowing it pass through.

They also:

  • Realize negativity is a waste of energy.
  • Know that being positive is good for wellbeing.
  • Are always in the giving and receiving mode.
  • Mix with people who have a similar attitude.
  • Learn to control their own thinking.
  • Have an inner strength that knows everything is all right.
  • Help and respect other people.
  • Recognize opportunity when problems occur.
  • Know that you can’t control the world but can control how you act in the world.

With a Positive Attitude You Can Live a New Life.

Benefits of a positive attitude.

Changing to a positive attitude can be helped by looking on at yourself and the vocabulary you use. This can help to identify if you have a positive attitude to life.

Looking on at yourself

  • Do you ever tell yourself "I will have a good day today"?
  • Do you look for the good in your day and in your life?
  • Do you ever allow the weather to define your day?
    Think about this; there always was weather there always will be weather you have no control over the weather and good things happen on bad weather day as well as good weather days.
  • Do you allow the feelings of others to overcome you and create negativity?
  • Do you assist your friends in keeping a negative situation alive by constantly talking about it?

Recognize your vocabulary:

Do you say negative things all the time?

For example:

  • "That will never happen" 
  • "That will not happen for me"
  • "I couldn’t do that" 
  • "It never works out like that for me" 
  • "I will believe it when I see it" 
  • "Things always go wrong for me - so why bother?"

All of this type of behavior and thinking is self defeating.

How can you go on your positive life’s journey while getting in your own way all the time, it is impossible.
Try also to realize the effect you may have on others when using negative expressions.

A positive attitude changes other people's worlds too, life opens up, you are giving to others, and life can then give back to you.

Your positivity will start to change your (Karma).


When you stop using negative phases you actually feel better. It is from that simple "better point" that you can start to grow the "getting better bit". And it can get better and better!

Doesn't that sound simple? And so it is!

We all try to make life complex but it does not have to be.

If you find your attitude and vocabulary are negative just do the opposite (topsy turvy).

A simple change in your vocabulary and attitude can really help you attain a positive outlook.

Try to talk and act more like this:

  • "Of course things will happen for me" (have patience and trust).
  • "I will do this" because "this or something better will happen for me".
  • Visualize the outcome and then believe it.
  • Decide to be happy.
  • Realize and have gratitude for the great things you already have in life.
  • Know that you harm yourself with negativity.
  • Have happy friends.
  • Learn about your chatterbox.

Do not be hard on yourself, just knowing that you wish to be positive is enough and with practice, you will succeed. There will be definite wonderful changes in your life. 

No matter what has been said or done before it is never never too late. You really can start having a positive attitude straight away.

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