Getting Things Done

Getting things done requires action towards your achieving your goals. Taking action creates change and that change is something to look forward to.

Constantly just thinking about goals or even just writing them down is unlikely to make things happen. However a particularly good "non action" aid to help you through is visualization of both the achieved goal and the way of getting it done.

Take this web site; it had been planned and visualized for a considerable time but there was a moment when I knew I had to do something to make it come about. Here I was at the third stage of making it happen for me this was to sit at my computer and use the keyboard.

It didn’t matter if what I was putting down was not exactly right but I had started, and I had the belief that the words would come.

I have said  I was at the third stage to make action happen - so what are the other stages?

Stages for getting things done:
1. Get Organized
2. Get Knowledge and Experience
3. Take Action

Get Organized For Getting Things Done

One drop of water helps to swell the ocean; a spark of fire helps to give light to the world. None are too small, too feeble, too poor to be of service. Think of this and act.” – Hannah More

Organizing is essential for getting things done, and you can have it on your goal setting list.

Disorganization can be negative. It takes and changes your energy level, you are in fact out of balance; your head is full of what needs to be done while you are most likely looking at disorganized things everywhere.

By organizing your surroundings you can start with a clean slate. This helps you to get in touch with your intentions from which you can form your goals.

Yes.. this could mean you have to do a clearing out of your house, garage, attic, office, car whatever it takes.
I did all this and the feeling of achieving and seeing a place becoming organized is so uplifting.

An untidy cluttered place can make you feel low and if you continue to live that way you could become ill at ease and even become unwell. This may further compound the situation and you could end up in a rut.

You don't have to get worried about clearing your personal space; you don't have to present a plan to anyone, convince anyone, or be afraid of criticism.

But achieving this "slate cleaning" exercise can start to empower you.

Being organized is paramount to achieving. Do understand you will have good days and more difficult days but remember to look on at yourself accept those difficult days.

Do not judge yourself for lack of achieving on those bad days, and try not to compare yourself to others. This it is not procrastination or laziness;you are just learning a new habit. This takes time.

Try not to get attached to "time" as fear may set in.

When you are setting your life up in this manner through intentions from within, towards setting goals , you are in a learning process and that can be good to know, as you can look on at yourself with this in mind.

My way of doing things may not be your way, because there is no one particular way of doing things it is what is evolving for you that matters.

Also If you get physically tired through working on any aspect of your life remember don’t get caught up in time too much; take your rests, days off, holidays, outings. It is very likely when doing other things that many sudden ideas come to mind from what seems like out of nowhere.

This coming together of it all or synchronicity can seem like magic.

Knowledge and Experience
For Getting Things Done

Gaining knowledge for getting things done is also a prerequisite for making something happen.

Would you bake a cake without ingredients; you could stand forever waiting for the cake to mix. Well your goals are the same you must get the ingredients to make them come about.

For instance my husband and I have spent quite some time researching for this website. This information could not be given without knowledge, understanding, and experience. You can’t make this stuff up.

Getting knowledge and information, and drawing from prior experiences, even the perceived negative ones can empower you in your actions to get things done.

Negative experiences help you to identify what may not work or what can be done differently next time. Indeed you may start to create new habits and methods for yourself.

Keep time at bay.

Yes you can of course set a time frame for yourself, but remember it is only a time frame not a life and death situation, don’t get attached to it.

When dealing with time this is by far the best piece of information I can give, understand there is only now this very moment in time; not the last moment not the next moment- just now.

For Getting Things Done

You know the old saying “actions speak louder than words” and how true is that? Without the action the "getting things done" bit will not happen.

You can have cake ingredients for baking, but just having them is not enough, you have got to take physical action to bake the cake.

It is when taking physical action that we feel most afraid. It is through the physical action that we get closer to an outcome and then we can feel the fear of success or failure.

It is our ego (our chatter box, our judger, our doubter) creating this fear which can keep us from the desired outcome. 

It is with the practice of staying in the " now moment" or presence - which is about leaving ego aside - that physical actions can be taken in a calm and fearless way to produce that desired outcome.

It is also that "now moment," which connects you to the universe, where you will have no fear, no doubts - they do not exist in the now.

Using NOW In Your Actions
For Getting Things Done

The left side of your brain where ego lives, you know ego well, it doubts, it judges, creates fear. It can also be very destructive to live with all the time. The left side of your brain is best used for planning, calculating and analysis for your actions - but it doesn't do "NOW".


One person who lives his life 80% of the time in the "now moment" is Eckhart Tolle. Just imagine what that must feel like, no past to create fear, no future to project that fear into, just the "now moment".

Eckhart came to the present moment suddenly, and has kept the practice of it throughout his life to reach the level of 80% presence.

For most of us this sudden change from ego to "now" may not happen, we will most likely need to practice, but by doing this change will come.

This practice keeps you in the right side of your brain where answers and ideas for actions can just seem to come to you. This side is your connector to the universe where all things are connected.

Some people who are aware of and who practice living in the now moment, which connects them to the universe, call this God.
Others refer to it as enlightenment, presence, mindfulness, spirituality - but you don't have to give it a name.

Isn’t that just incredible to realize?

This realization was the biggest, "wowest", moment of my life.

For most of us we have to practice and learn to be in the now moment but if you practice meditation and relaxation this will act to keep ego under control and you will reach a heightened awareness of yourself – your higher self.

Taking actions with ego under control and practicing being in the now moment where there is no fear, just absolute faith; you will be getting things done and watching everything fall into place.

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