Getting Rid Of Clutter

Getting rid of clutter will increase your energy levels and help you make space for new things in your life.

Clutter is made up of all those things that you do not need or use or particularly like, but are afraid to let go of.

It can make your life very stressful and you could easily become overwhelmed by clutter as it can make your life very stressful and will create:
• great confusion
• anger
• low self esteem
• a victim mentality

It can also:
• physically make your body very tense.
• stop the flow of energy through you.

How I Cleared Clutter

When I sold my business and was at home a lot more I could not believe just how much rubbish had accumulated and how disorganized my life had become.

Everywhere I looked in my home I found fault; I realized that the affect of all this was creating my overall sense of negativity.

My business had been taking up my whole life almost 24 hrs 7 days a week for 5 years and so the accumulation of clutter at home was very bad.

I believe I used approximately four large dumpster or waste skips with numerous journeys to the re-cycling center to clear it all out.

All Too Much .... Overwhelming

Before I actually started clearing out I recall standing many times in my kitchen literally doing a circle not knowing how or where to start.

I was especially tired and had lots of fear in my life and I would perform the bare essential e.g. tidy the kitchen and make the beds - but actually getting rid of clutter seemed overwhelming to me. 

I would then sit down and watch TV.

It Was Time To Find Out What Was Going On

Before I sold my business I had been doing a lot of reading in an attempt to understanding myself better.

Subsequently getting rid of my business was part of what I felt I had to do to change where I found myself in my life - in hindsight I actually realized the selling that business was actually getting rid of clutter in my life.

Before I opened that business I didn’t do too badly but I certainly didn’t have the awareness of myself that I have developed since I sold it.

Clearing Out Is Essential

I also learned that clearing out and getting rid of clutter was essential to my wellbeing and the wellbeing of my family.

I really could not have made a success of any business or home with the overall mindset I had developed.

When I was in work I wanted to be at home, when I was at home I wanted to be at work.

There was no real focus on either activity, so neither was going to succeed.

I love my home and since 1987 I had always wanted to work from home.

So now I wanted a clutter free home.

Clearing Clutter Aids Success

This is an excerpt from Christine Kane’s newsletter to my email.

This rings true very clearly to me, and is of immense importance.

Christine Kane Newsletter October 19 2011

“When it comes to success, you may be surprised to discover that there's a huge connection between your success and your surroundings.

That's because everything in our lives has energy. Everything has our thoughts and emotions embedded into it.

That includes your car, the mess of papers in your file cabinet and yes, even the old furniture you don't like.

When it comes to up leveling your life or your business, sometimes the first place to start is to release what no longer resonates with who you are becoming.”

"Everything In Our Lives Has Energy"

The clutter in your life is the energy gone wrong – blocked energy that creates stagnation.

Nothing good can grow from stagnation.

Starting To Clear Out - My Tips For Clearing Clutter.

I had to start somewhere clearing the clutter.

Guess what? I started from - my TV chair.

Over the years while not getting things done to my satisfaction I had become a little addicted to TV viewing.

TV viewing is not the best activity for provoking original thought, but that is where I started from.

A point to remember when changing something; always start from where you are at that given time, do not wait for the perfect time to arrive.

 So starting from my TV chair was perfect was where I was right then!

Ironically I watched a lot of programs about the sale, renovation and getting rid of clutter from houses.

I actually allowed these programs to prompt me into action.

I would sit down for my program and decide that during each break I would get up and start my clearing and cleaning process.

I did this bit by bit, room by room.

My house did become cleaner, well cleaner than it had been but I still had a long way to go.

It Is Difficult To Do

I had so much to throw out and that was very difficult as everything I would pick up I found a reason to keep it.

My “just in case I need it” things.

My Hidden Thinking

Through my reading over time I had begun to realize that wanting to hold on to things is reaffirming a hidden lack mentality and of itself is a negative way of living.

In this situation your conditioned mind is telling you over and over that you will never ever have another cent to spend so you had better keep all these things "just in case".


There is no room for expansion in that conditioned thinking.

This is where stagnation sets in.

You can even subconsciously believe that you will never succeed in life and never have enough wealth in this life to buy another single thing. WOW!

 Letting Go Is About Letting Better In

The art of letting go can be a little difficult as emotions are brought to the fore, sometimes to the point of tears.

You may have put a lot of comforting thoughts into keeping things, but it is in the keeping of them that you do not allow space (physical space) for nicer, better, more enjoyable things to come into your life.

The “letting go difficulty” is only an initial feeling, but what you do get from letting go is lightness and a new energy.

You may find sometime later that you needed something that you did let go.

Specifically this is where you do a "letting go about letting go" on this also.

It is only fear that you are dealing with, and you may feel that you will never be able to get anything like it ever again.

But what you are really doing is allowing something better to take its’ place.

Putting Your Clutter To Good Use

When you are getting rid of clutter try to make sure it is put to good use if possible.

A good way to do this is through recycling centers and charity shops.

This allows movement of goods and the movement of energy. (The Law of Attraction)

Energy needs to flow.

You can make this energy flow by passing things on, to other people who in turn can feel good by receiving your goods.

Stop and feel this, it is a good feeling and it takes any guilt away.

You can create an even better flow also by using "furniture placement" and the art of feng shui.

Taking Control

Getting rid of clutter gives you more control and more power over your life and creates a good feeling.

You have the right to feel good and you deserve it too.

You will actually be able to think more clearly from a clutter free environment and this in turn will expand your horizons and help towards a more fulfilling life.

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