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Feng Shui Basics

Learning Feng Shui basics will help you to balance energy in your life.
You know when you tidy up, clear away clutter and rearrange furniture, you feel so good. But did you ever consider why you feel good?

Feng Shui Can Affect the Balance of Your Feelings

In Chinese culture feng means wind and shui means water, both wind and water are associated with good health and good fortune.  This ancient Chinese art holds the key to having a "feel good" feeling. It can be a basis from which you can pitch e.g. your career, relationships, or health.

It is the balancing of energy in any given space that helps to create a feeling of wellbeing.

“By the balance and flow of energy within your home you can powerfully and effectively influence the course of your life”
Karen Kingston
Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui

I find in a particular space, when there is clutter and furniture is placed in a certain way, which does not feel comfortable to me I feel a tightness in my tummy.

I just feel something is out of place. Now I am not talking about the perfect house or work place; work has to happen and things get moved around.

What I am talking about is my tummy gets tight if I find I have to walk around furniture, e.g. if a piece of furniture is sticking out awkwardly and I need to walk around it.

Have you noticed this? Is there something in your house or work place that you need to maneuver your way around? Watch out for your feelings next time you have to do this.

Of course this negativity feeling vibrates right through your body you may even feel the rest of you becoming tight and "coiled". Yes it does happen ...try it!

Your Energy

It is this "coiled" vibration that disturbs your energy flow. See The law of attraction

It is the feeling from good energy flow, no clutter and a healthy tidy home or work space that creates a basis from which you can move forward to the next things in life.

Feng Shui is a vast subject but even knowledge of Feng Shui principles will give you a great place to start.

Clearing clutter is an essential component to start with. When clutter is eliminated you can then start to implement the art of furniture placement (another element of Feng Shui basics) and create a positive energy flow.

Energy flows better when there is no clutter and furniture positioning can be used to enhance this flow.

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