Fear Of Success

Having fear of success is surprising isn’t it, and yet most of us crave success so we can have fulfillment in our lives.
We mostly believe there is something out there that must be better than we have right now. If we succeeded in getting it we don’t actually know what that might feel like.

But achieving success could mean pushing ourselves outside our comfort zones, so fear can set in and this can block our progress.

Fear of success is as limiting as fear of failure yet they may seem to be opposites, but fear still prevails.  Fear of success is a real stopper of our true growth and abundance.

As with fear of failure it creates limiting boundaries therefore we actually can stay static in our lives.

It truly can ruin your wishes, your desires, your dreams and your goals. It is also likely if you have fear of success you may also have fear of money

To recognize fear of success ask yourself how many times do I start something and then do not finish.

I am not talking here about the length of time it takes to achieve an outcome but rather something that has been started and has just been left there perhaps with a lot of guilt attached to not finishing it.

We think the perfect day will arrive and we will sort it all out perfectly.

We also may believe that it will be done so fast that we will not even notice the time we have spent on it. We even plan how it will get done and it is in this planning that we can actually think ah! THERE IT’s DONE NOW.

We may not go to the next step, the hard bit - "action".

This is where our fear of success starts and we may not realize this is even happening; a sort of self delusion.

When you are considering or looking at what is not finished all the time this state can invade your mind. It does nothing for your well being rather it feeds the chatter box that little fellow that talks to you all the time in your head (Ego).
You may hear yourself on a constant basis saying;
• "Goodness I am useless"
• "I can’t even finish clearing my room"
• "I must get back to it soon"

Oh that perfect "soon" - that usually never happens!

This chatter can go on and on. On an accumulative basis where many things are unfinished this can be very destructive and can even damage your health.

You then feel very uncomfortable and ill at ease with life.
If it all goes too far it can even turn into a disease - ill at ease and disease are the same thing.

You may even show such feelings as anger, sadness, hurt, guilt and even resentment which could lead to stress over eating, drug dependency high blood pressure, panic attacks etc.

Getting In Your Own Way

If you experience fear of success in your life, and most people do at some stage – it is not all doom and gloom!

You can use the experience to handle life differently and create change by getting out of your own way by overcoming fear of success.

An awareness of your fears is always a good place to go to and know that change is so very possible through being self aware.

You are not the only one with this fear -  it isn’t just you. So many of us now seek help and the best thing is there is help for nearly everything now, especially on online where access is so fast.

If you feel that you would like to create change towards a more successful way of living -  know what you want out of life. Create very specific goals, these goal do not have to be about climbing Mount Everest they can be simple and achievable.  

A really good way to achieve success is get to a point where you can actually feel what the success is like - even before it has arrived.

"Act as if", for example, feel yourself being congratulated for having your book published. Make an image of such a scene. Do this for the many things you want to achieve and keep them visible. They are good triggers to success.

It is these triggers that contribute to the accumulative effect of positivity in your life. It is through this awareness, your desire for change, and the implementation of these small triggers that sends you on the road to success.

The success you desire may not be about having a book published or becoming a famous person, you can go for these too, but it can be as simple as having a tidy, no clutter home.

Remember knowing about this fear and the limiting boundary it creates is a huge piece of knowledge to work with.
This knowledge is the basis for self-empowerment.

Know your fear, love your fear, thank your fear it is an excellent way of getting information about yourself have fun with it. 

This will take courage - but if you look back on your life you will see that you have had courage before.

Throw skepticism and doubt out the window. Try not to be too serious - the world is a wonderful place once you see it that way.

A quote from Desiderata:
"Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the Universe, no less than the trees and the stars....
Strive to be happy".
Max Ehrmann 1927

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