Fear Of Money

Given all the fears that we know about, having the fear of money must seem a bit unusual.

I am not talking about the coin and the notes but money as a means in itself and the use and flow of it in your life.

You may not have lots of it in your life and maybe you sometimes struggle to pay bills. You may even feel you are struggling all the time.

I remember having a huge fear of actual money. I recall some years back when I had to pay for groceries in the supermarket by check I truly hated writing the check, my stomach would go tight my shoulder would be hunched and the writing on the cheque was pretty terrible, my voice would even become high pitched and I would be giddy high.

I also recall when my husband and I would sit down to “do the money” truly I mainly left it to him to do it and I would rather do anything than know the outcome. I used withdrawal as a coping mechanism to deal with the fear.

That was fear of money and looking deeper it was fear of insufficient money in my life.

What is now amazing to me was having such fear of money.

But I onion peeled (see overcoming fear) this fear back to a mind based illusion - a mentality of lack. A vision of running out of money and all the horrible consequences. So it wasn't actually money itself I feared it was the mind based illusion.

I then realized that getting over this lack mentality is so important in the creation of wealth.

Just think: money is the one thing we use on a daily basis and it can be the main thrust of people's lives, yet we can be so afraid of it.

Conquering fear of money is so important in the creation of self worth and wealth. It is an ingredient for abundance.

It can be difficult to try to create abundance if you have been reared by being told money is in short supply, it doesn't grow on trees, or even that it is the root of all evil.

Did you know that only about 4% of money physically exists (that is in actual real hard cash). If everybody wanted their money from the banks today there would not be enough to go around.

In other words money is mostly numbers in computers - so what is there to be afraid of?

Well basically we are afraid of the flow of money. That flow plays a big part in the fear of money.

Money must flow or move; it is just a reflection of energy.

When money flows as energy; change is created, something or some event is about to happen.

Watch this flow every time you give or receive money and try to identify the associated emotion.

For example, the giving of money by paying a bill for something you have already used and perhaps forgotten about could create a sense of lack while receiving money could create a sense of power and abundance.

So it is in the acceptance and detachment from the flow of money - but feeling the energy change, that we can allow creativity, which in turn allows freedom, and choice. 

Getting over the fear of money is very important for your own success and creativity.

If you are doing creative things in your life you will likely be doing something that you love doing.

It is this creative work, that work that you enjoy, that you start forgetting about the making of money as your primary goal.

You will find that this view actually attracts money. It doesn’t have fear in it.
Some wealthy people do this without thinking it is what and who they are and success follows them.

Becoming aware that wealth is not about money but rather the creation of abundance through wealth consciousness, having the right beliefs and attitude towards money is very powerful, I can't begin to tell you how important these ingredients are.

Wealth creation comes from changing our thinking about money;from our limited beliefs through conditioning, to the visualizing of wealth through creativity.

At one stage I always thought that creativity was only to do with arts; but creativity is whatever you enjoy doing.

It comes from the creative side of our brain, not the ego side which can be about "chasing money" for the sake of money.

This may work for some people.

But the joy of becoming wealthy is doing what you love and enjoy.

Let me explain: "chasing money" is like chasing a hen around the backyard to catch it rather that throwing down some seed (your creativity) to attract it.

Detaching  From Wealth

Because money is energy, (The Law of Attraction) it flows, so it is true to say that wealth will peak and decline with the flow.
By becoming detached you will be able to let this peak and flow happen.

Detachment comes from being able to look on at the situation and know that money itself is not your goal, rather it is the inner strength that comes through your creative side that creates the wealth.

By being detached you will be able to recognise sadness at the loss of money and know that this emotion will pass and you begin again.

Detachment is not a coldness, but an inner strength, a knowledge that joy is not in the material world but inside you. There is a great freedom in this when it comes to money.

Money brings freedom and choice and an opportunity to give. It is in the giving that we receive.

You may not realize it but you probably do not think wealth can happen to you.

But who said it can’t -  only you with limiting beliefs.

You have every right to be wealthy it is not the prerogative of the few, all are welcome. If you understand:

• Fear of success, Fear of failure and fear of money; you have a recipe for success in this area of your life

"All wealth belongs to the divine and those who hold it are trustees, not possessors. It is with them today, tomorrow it may be elsewhere. all depends on the way they discharge their trust while it is with them.
- in what spirit
- with what consciousness in their use of it
- to what purpose"

By Sri Aurobindo

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