Facing Your Fear


In facing your fears you first have to recognize them all. Fear has become so dominant in our lives that for many people it may have unknowingly taken over their way of living.

Mostly we feel that something bad may be about to happen, usually anticipating something going wrong and we worry about things like:

  • losing our jobs
  • not having enough money
  • being attacked
  • how we look
  • not being healthy
  • being too thin or too fat
  • the food we eat
  • our home not being clean or nice enough

     We could go on and on. We may not even realize that we are so afraid in life.

Being so anxious is reinforced in us every day in our own homes through advertising,TV programs, films, and news bulletins, through the internet, and computer games.

There are other types of fear,like being afraid of heights, fear of dogs, fear of darkness etc but there is a difference here in that these fears do not present themselves unless we are faced with the specific situation. In these circumstances our natural fight or flight instinct will help protect us.

Leaving these types of fear aside we go around living with worries in our subconscious mind on a daily basis.

Wouldn't it be incredible to overcome anxiety, be comfortable in facing your fears, live a more peaceful life, and not be so anxious about issues surrounding money, success or failure. By getting to know yourself you can also realize that most worries are not based on facts.

"The truth is, there really isn't a big correlation between what we fear and what happens to us"

David Kessler - Life Lessons

Use your unreal worries to go forward and by doing this you are creating change in your life.

Add to your personal development in this area and find out how to recognize and use this knowledge to live a better life by overcoming anxiety and get to further understand such areas as:

Worry is a powerful emotional energy and you can harness that energy through its recognition and create a more fulfilled existence by learning how to deal with anxiety.

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