The Definition of Empowerment

One dictionary definition of empowerment is –

“to give somebody a greater sense of confidence or self-esteem”

But you could wait a very long time before you are given that sense of confidence or self-esteem by somebody else.

A dictionary definition of responsibility is - 

“the state of being held as the cause of something that needs to be set right”

So if you feel that something needs to be “set right” in your life the best “somebody” to rely on to do this is you.

Start by asking yourself how much responsibility or self empowerment have you taken for your life to date?

Of course most of us take responsibility for our everyday lives – we get up, we go to work, we earn money, we decide what to wear, this is everyday responsibility.

But if you do perceive that things have gone “wrong” for you in life do you also take responsibility for that?

Wherever you are at this point in time with your life’s story, whether you perceive it to be good or bad, you are responsible for getting there.

Realizing and accepting this can be a bit daunting.

If something goes wrong we tend to find reasons, blaming ourselves, others and situations quite easily - even blaming life in general.

We tend to take safe ways which we believe will protect us, and can often be overly concerned about other people's assumed judgments' when making decisions.

Fear of societal judgments can also heavily influence us.

Considering these influences we subsequently can create tight boundaries to live our lives within.

These strong pressures may well have helped bring you to where you are right now.

If you find yourself in a difficult situation; ask yourself have you taken responsibility to empower yourself, or have you given it to others?

If you feel the answer to this is that you have given power to others in some important areas of life, know that you can change the definition of empowerment to read –

“to give myself a greater sense of confidence or self-esteem”

But to do this you will need to "jump outside" of yourself and look on and see what is it that has brought you to this point.

Recognize Responsibility

The information on this web site is here to help you take responsibility for change; but only you can make that change. And you will do it will in a different way to any other person.

This site is an aid to transformation, from which you can pick up some helpful ways. But you must do the ongoing growth yourself starting with where you are right now.

Start by realizing that when you make decisions, you and you alone are responsible for the consequences of those decisions.

When not accepting personal responsibility for decisions you will probably hear yourself say:

  • Nothing works out for me.
  • It is not my fault.
  • I give up.
  • This is all too much of me this time. I will never be able to handle this.
  • If only luck would come my way.
  • Everyone else seems to have all the luck.
  • No matter how hard I work, I never seem to make it.
  • That is who I am and that is that.

Also here are some words to describe the behavior of those who do not accept responsibility for their lives;

victim, insecure, self-pitying, complainers, guilt-ridden, blame others, stuck, aggressive, fearful, pessimists, do not care, does not allow help, don’t want to know.

Taking responsibility sounds tough, but once you realize this and really take full responsibility you become empowered and can determine your own life.

By becoming empowered in this way you can create great freedom and liberation, you realize in no small way that the sky can be the limit, the boundaries start to disappear.

However this does not mean taking decisions that deliberately hurt others, this type of decision making is destructive and it will ultimately disempower you.

What Does Empowerment Mean To You?

Be careful not give or hand over your power to anyone else.

You can become lost in their world.

If a person has power over you it is because you have given it to them and it becomes your responsibility to change that.

Your boss may have “power” over you in the work situation and this is fine, but that power should not mean that you give up your integrity or allow the boss’s ego to run your life.

Don’t be the victim by staying stuck - liberate yourself.

Changing to self determination does not mean becoming aggressive or that you do not accommodate other people’s needs.

Indeed accommodating other people’s need can be done in a loving way once you become quietly assertive and determined about yourself.

You can now begin to love yourself, look at your strengths, capabilities, your dreams, your intentions and remember you determine so much.

You will become more open to new ways, ideas and experiences.

To help you on your way to empowerment you actually need to get "out of your own way" to break down those self imposed boundaries; so learn more about:

  • Ego
  • Surrender
  • Paradigm shift
  • Patience and Trust
  • Self Development

The Definition of EmpowermentPersonal Developmemt 

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