Dealing With Stress

Dealing with stress is something that every one of us will experience at some stage in our lives.

There are times when we experience enormous stress. Often we may try to ignore it.

But it can creep up on us and then suddenly for no apparent reason we may even have a break down, perhaps triggered over something very small and trivial.

It All Becomes Too Much

This is the point when it all gets too much and we may find ourselves relying on alcohol, excessive smoking or something stronger to forget our problems.

But then we must go back and start all over again as problems do not get solved this way.

How to Recognize Stress

A Typical Situation

Take a look at this for a seemingly pretty ordinary household on a particular morning.

Dad works on the other side of the city and has to leave early.

Up at 6am and tired but his day needs him to get up at this time.

Dad has a quick breakfast and leaves for work.

Mum makes lunches for 3 children, sets the breakfast table and if really organized will have this done the night before, even so it is still part of the day.
Prepares breakfast, has a shower and tidies bedroom.

Gets children up -Mom where is this? Mom may I? Mom can you help me with this and so on and so on!!!

What about those mornings when they seem not to do what you ask O.M.G?

Then she makes sure children are fully dressed and gives them breakfast.
Time is getting on; she needs to leave by 8.30.

Fills dishwasher; maybe with help from children.

Tidies the kitchen and leaves for the school run making sure the children have coats, school bags, and lunches with them.

Probably exhausted already and she has to go to work after the school run!!

Its Dads turn tomorrow morning maybe? All this and it is only 8:30 am.

The Work Situation

And then there is work, most work places are stressful and fearful with deadlines and pressure.

Everything needs to be done the right way, with the added strain of trying to be nice to everyone.

And of course there may be stress associated with the overall viability of the company to keep the job secure.

What an accumulation of stress there is in all of this.

And many of the people you work with are likely to be dealing with this level of stress also.

You are not alone when you are dealing with stress there are many in the same boat.

Modern Times

Living today is very stressful; we try to fit in the gym, tennis, shopping bringing children here bringing children there it can seem endless.

Then we are so bombarded with commercials about what to do and what not to do, how to bring your children up, what to wear, what proper food to buy, and much more.

All based on guilt - it seems if we don’t buy this or that we will somehow be losing out on life.

If an alien could look on at us I believe he would pass out with laughter and wonder: what are they all rushing for?

And What Are We All Rushing About For?

So we can fit more things into our schedule - and why do that?

Well, where ever we are rushing to will of course be better than where we are right now, - so must keep rushing to get there.

Then one day - crash!!

You are in severe stress, even panic, become ill, and can’t cope anymore.

Stress has just gone into overload.

Just what are we doing to ourselves?

I have to get the better house the better car, nice clothes, the best holiday - the list is endless.

Now I am not saying that we shouldnn't have these things nor should we feel guilty for having them or that we should not continue acquiring them.

Stand Back

Stand back and take a look at this lifestyle and consider all the emotions that we go through even in an "ordinary day".

Can we continue to live our lives like this?

Consider calming it all down.

How we might ask? ......We have to look on at ourselves, but most of us do not even consider living life in a different way.

How to Deal With Stress

Dealing with stress requires change for each of us.

Doing relaxation and meditation allows you to go deeper inside yourself .

By doing this you are allowing the busy side of your brain (left side) where stress builds up, to be quiet for a time, and leting the other side come in.

The other side (right side) will help you calm down.

You just have to allow it in.

This right side will help you deal with your life in a calmer stress free way.

It also helps you to control that busy side and to just use it for organizing and planning. - Ego

Relaxation Is Not More

Use relaxation and meditation not to fit more into your life but rather as a means of creating calmness; allowing you a clearer path to create change to alleviate stress.

Even A Little Change Can Help

Have no fear of change; fear is only a boundary that you create when you believe you are protecting yourself.

Change could be as simple as allowing someone (a home help, a gardener) to help at home.

We can all take on too much and think that no one else can do it as well as we can.

It is about you becoming responsible  and "dealing with your stress".

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