Dealing With Panic

Dealing with panic can be a frightening and lonely place to be, but an understanding of the reasons for the panic will help you to find a path to recovery.  

Panic is the body's message that it has gone into overload from fear of some danger that may not be apparent to the person suffering.

Once it sets in, you find yourself dealing with the physical aspects of panic, and that may seem to be all you are able to deal with at the time.

This state is a strong message and it can interfere with your daily life. In dealing with panic you may not understand what caused the overload and advice may be needed from a professional to help you inform yourself of the possible causes and you may need medication.

Getting help is positive because information can give you space and time to reflect on life and how it is going for you. You may then realize that there is something that you need to change or do differently than before.

To help identify the causes of panic try not to keep the feelings to yourself as this may contribute to the problem. You can find the courage to talk to someone you can trust.

Let it all out, full flow, so that your body can feel released from tight pent up energy.

There may be various other things you can change:

1. Try to keep away from situations or people that may bring on stress which may contribute to your anxiety.

2. If you are in debt and feel it is overwhelming remember you have the right to take care of and keep yourself safe,your intentions were not to harm and you will recover.

3. Learn about yourself, what is it that makes you happy, have a think: are you being led by friends, work, or society to do and be in a way that heightens anxiety in you and weakens your level of empowerment in life.

4. Get to know yourself through awareness which will greatly help you to deal with self doubt, guilt, judging yourself and will create a lovely way to live your life.

5. Do you need to change you eating or drinking habits and are you getting enough exercise? (Only don’t go overboard with this I have seen it happen). 

6. Are you getting enough rest and relaxation?

7. Consider developing your relaxation routine further to include the practice of meditation.

The causes of your stress may not be the same as others as we all can panic and have worries about different things. That is perfectly all right as we are all different, beautiful, and unique.  If you would like some additional help with panic attacks please go to Anxiety Unravelled

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