Courage To Change

          Finding That Courage

Our world changes whether we like it or not.

So having the courage to change is very important.

We often try to keep things the same by searching for security, putting down roots we feel will hold us while everything changes around us.

 Change On Our Terms

We only want the changes we approve of for ourselves, we try to predict the events that might uproot us and put so much energy into trying to avoid them.

Usually with great effort we do find a certain security and then try to erect a wall around this to keep us safe.

More and more energy then goes into protecting these walls from invasion and this raises a subtle screen between us and the realities of a changing world.

Courage to change is not so much about the courage to move within these walls - these comfort zones

It is rather the courage to allow a changing world to bring us with it and the courage to live with the fear that this will bring.

The Need To Change

Sometimes we would love and feel the need to change but we see the change as a dramatic shift that will affect not just us but our families and friends.

Then there can be a dilemma for example:

“If I change my profession and quit my job how will I support my family, and what will my friends think”?                                    or

You may want to change a relationship but see the consequences as too difficult to deal with. 

Deferring The Courage To Change

Our way out is usually to believe that the change will be made – when the kids are older or when you’re financially secure enough to make a move - sometime in the future.

This could go on for years but with an underlying dissatisfaction with life and even a lack of gratitude for what you have in life is always there. 

Understand What Needs Changing

An Outside Job

We tend to look at change as something we first need to do on the outside.

Change a job, change a location, change a relationship but even with these types of changes we usually bring the old “us” along.

Now you have the new job, the new relationship, the new life – but the old you is still there and chances are that the new circumstances will at some point re-awaken the need for change in you.  

So consider this –  changing is really “an inside job”.

Where To Find What Needs Changing

An Inside Job

Changing your circumstances from the outside can be satisfying and can promote a positive attitude - perhaps even for a considerable length of time.

But these new circumstances will also change and if there is still a fixed and rigid you dealing with this – dissatisfaction will re-emerge.

This comes from a fixed you dealing with an ever changing world.

You can’t stop the world changing but you can change how you deal with the changing world.

What can be helpful with this idea is to look at it topsy turvy style and allow the courage to change to emerge from inside of you.

Topsy Turvy

Recognizing Change

If you really think about it the only thing that is permanent in the world is change. 

Even what we see around us as fixed in nature is in fact changing.

Take a mountain – we can’t see the changes in one lifetime - but we know it’s changing.

Even our planet has changed dramatically in its time!

We humans have also changed – what were we like two million years ago...  where are all the amazing empires of long ago, even the empires of one hundred years ago?

Imagine trying to explain supersonic flight, the internet, mobile phones – even television - to a person from only 100 years ago who has re appeared in the world.

Accepting Change

Scary to think nothing is permanent - but we all know this - what is hard to do is to accept it, and roll with it – we tend to think it’s better to fight it. 

Permanent Change – A Gift To Yourself

We tend to think of change as temporary when we are moving from one fixed position or circumstance to another.

But the reality is that neither the past “fixed position” nor the future “fixed position “really exist. 

The past position is what is changing and the future position is what we hope our new destination will be.

It can be very hard to see this; usually because of fear of the unknown. 

We feel the space between the two positions is time exposed to danger and uncertainty and we usually want to make it as short as possible.

But it is possible to allow the idea of permanent change to really reduce fear; this is why the “inside job” is important.

How To Do The "Inside Job".

Awareness Of Ego

It is vital to be aware of the sometimes never ending demands that the ego part of you wants.

This is where the fear and the fight against changing to a new life comes from.

So the courage to change is really the courage to take steps to really see the  ego and to grow in awareness of it.

This awareness is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself.

This gift is for you and it will help you to see fear for what it is – lack of trust in you and the world.

So why is the gift of awareness important?

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed

by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do.

So throw of the bow-lines.

Sail away from the safe harbor.

Catch the trade winds in your sails.

Explore, Dream, Discover"

                                  ......  Attributed to Mark Twain

For a lot of us it is "that twenty years from now" – don’t join that club – give yourself the gift of awareness of ego, this is where the courage to change lies.

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