Benefits Of Relaxation

Achieving the benefits of relaxation are now more necessary than ever as we have now come to live in a very competitive, status based, time based and money based society.

It seems to be all about trying to make ends meet. For many it can be about making the most money in a quickest time and be the best at it.

In trying to gain and maintain this way of living, life can become very stressful so much so that many people crash in trying to make it all work. 


Crashing can come in many forms, breakdown, panic attacks, general anxiety, anger, physical illness or addictions and in turn this affects the people around you.

Yes -This in turn can affect society as a whole.

Let me give a small example;

When we moved to the town where I now live the population was about 10,000. It has grown to about 40,000 people in a short number of years.

I recall distinctly when I noticed a change in our ways. Not too long ago you could drive around the town quite easily and know that if you made a minor glitch no one would say too much.

Well that changed as the stress of an economic boom started.

Lifestyle changed and now when making a minor glitch you are likely to encounter traffic rage with honking horns and glaring faces.

I have seen drivers actually overtaking at traffic lights to get ahead.

Now that reflects pressure, people oblivious to others in an unconscious hurry to be somewhere else.

Sheer Pressure

When we are stressed our physical body actually goes very tight, for some this can often appear through headaches, muscular tension, irritable bowel, or high blood pressure, these are warning signs that we are physically very tense.

This tension comes about through the conditioned reaction of your mind where all the chattering to yourself goes on in the ego which is on the left side of your brain.

It’s like, whatever is happening your ego tells you this is a problem and your body reacts by going tense and tight. 


Relaxation will take that tense,tight feeling  away. 

Relaxation is the physical ability to relax your muscles. One of the benefits of relaxation is that It can also be a starting point for going on to the practices of  meditation and visualization.

It is also very beneficial for helping you to sort out problems.

If you just sit for a twenty minute relaxation session quietly breathing,just letting your mind notice the breath,afterwards you may not find it so difficult to make that all important phone call you may have feared.

You will be able to listen more deeply to the other person on the phone and you may find later that you did not even notice yourself making that feared phone call.

This ease in your body can stay with you throughout the day

All you need is to put twenty to thirty minutes aside each day to achieve this.

Relaxation Tips

I can hear you say "where can I get twenty minutes to do this"? "I can hardly spare five minutes".

But the benefits of relaxation are exceptional so starting new habits to achieve a relaxed state more often is important


               Try These Tips:

  • Consider relaxation as part of a foundation for building your day.
  • Choose a suitable space in your home where you can be comfortable.
  • Assert your needs and agree with others in the home that you will not be disturbed when relaxing.
  • Resist the need for example to chill out in front of the TV with a glass of wine as a substitute for relaxing.
  • Try and avoid the temptation to think that a relaxation session will allow you to feel you can fit more into your day; that is a common mistake.
  • Begin to ask yourself questions to help you identify what it is that is making you so stressed:                   
  • Have you taken on too much without help?
  • Do you allow yourself to be a victim by always having too much to do?    
  • Is there an issue you are putting off?

Positive Change - one of the many benefits of relaxation.

Quiet reflection will help identify if it’s time to take stock and consider a change to your lifestyle.

Do not let that scare you, some people will change things suddenly, but for most, change happens over time.

You just need to have the very strong intentions to create change in your life.

Just doing this can ease your tension.

Intentions and goals are an antidote to stress because you know where you are heading in life.

Your intentions and your goals should encompass all areas of your life including your health and time out for you.

You are a very important person in this universe: remember there is no one like you on the planet.

This is how unique you are:
“......... You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars: you have a right to be here.

And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

........keep peace in your soul. With all its sham drudgeries and broken dreams; it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.”

A lovely quote from Desiderata, by Max Ehrmann 1927

About Relaxation

When you start relaxation first you may feel very unsettled. This is from not being able to stay in the same place for too long.

I recall telling a very good friend of mine to do this; she was having a difficult time, so she said "she would have a go".

A few weeks later I asked her how was it all going? I listened with great glee thinking she was going go wow and be over the moon etc. instead she said "Oh I stopped doing that I couldn’t be bothered with it all, it’s far too slow."

She wanted a quick fix solution but the benefits of relaxation will only come if the practice is incorporate in your life. It can work straight away but in continuing with the practice you will find yourself becoming calmer and more focused.

Where To Now?

In starting with relaxation to calm your body and mind, you can then consider moving on to meditation.

Relaxation is calming in itself but moving on to meditation will allow the right side of your brain to come in more often.

The right side of your brain is your creative side, your connector to the universe, where ideas, solutions etc can pop out of nowhere for no reason..... WOW!

This is the side that allows life to happen for you. If you listen to it the most incredible things can happen and it is the most incredible way to live your life. Allow your intentions to come from there - your very life’s purpose. Another WOW!

When you are unconsciously being too busy you are allowing your left side brain (your chatterbox) to dominate your life.

Your chatterbox is so full of preconceived ideas, it gives rise to anxiety, fears etc which comes from your conditioning. It is not based on any reality only on what you think will happen because of past experiences.

Right now neither the past nor the future exist.

The past is not now, the future is not now, think about this, there is only this moment not even the last second - only now.
Allow yourself time to clear unreality out through relaxation and with meditation, guided or otherwise allow and recognize the now moment and hear what is coming through to you from the right side of your brain, and then set your life in that direction

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