Attention Span

There is so much information for us to absorb now and statistics are showing the average attention span for an adult is short, and getting shorter.

With the inevitable "divided attention" which all this information overload brings it can be hard for us tell the important from what seems “urgent”.

There is Even Advice On How to Do This

To keep a person’s attention the advice for writing a web page like this is to keep it short, no more than 700 words.

Split it into manageable chunks, grab peoples’ attention with images and entice them to scroll down beyond the “fold”- if you don’t know what the “fold” is – I’ll tell you later!

So What Are My Chances Of Getting Your Attention?

 This page is 678 words long, it has 20 images and a message – but I’ve written 127 words so far- with no message – so right now, according to statistics, I have little chance of keeping you on the page!

What Must I Do And Know

People are interested in statistics, so if I put a table in now I could be increasing my chances, so here goes –

Surprising Statistics !!

We’re now at 263 words including the table so I had better start getting to the message.

But before I do would you like to take an attention span test?

But now I could really be in trouble because I’m probably sending you off this page and you may not come back!

How did that go?

If you are back here now you may be interested in the message.

The Message You Waited On Is...

This site is about personal development enlightenment -

“With it you can change your life, you can become unstuck, and you can release yourself from the everyday treadmill of worry, fear and loneliness” - from our Home page.

You Broke The Statistics Trait

What Short Attention Span Can Lead To

We are bombarded with so much information these days that our attention span is shortening and the chatterbox, the ego part of our minds is usually dominant because of this.

 And this can lead to heightened stress, worry and even ill health.

So What Can Be Done?

Playing mind training games and memory tests to help improve attention span, make your memory hold more information and improve concentration may be useful.

But some studies now show that to train your brain using these methods may not be as significant as many claim. 

“Playing the games makes you better at the games, in other words, but not at anything anyone might care about in real life”.

Brain Games are Bogus

Posted by Gareth Cook The New Yorker

We Need To Keep  Healthy and Stress Free

We care about worry and stress in real life and most of the messages that cause this come from the chatterbox, the ego part of the mind.

Calming the mind rather than training it, seeing the worrying thoughts as inventions of the mind and standing back from the entire constant information overload is possible.

3 Steps To Use To Help With Calming The Mind

  1. Relaxation
  2. Understand mindfulness
  3. Try meditation.

* There is a wonderful video at the end of our meditation page showing how meditation can help.

Two Last Things

The “fold” is the part of the web page you can see on your screen – the challenge is to get you to scroll down to the next “fold”.

*The links to other pages on the site have not been activated in the text above – in my attempt to keep you on the page!

But if you have gotten this far you may be interested in these pages –






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