Abundant Living

 Consider The World  We Live In

The key to abundant living is to recognize that the world we live in is made up of immense abundance; it is all around us. Take a look at the sand on the beaches and in the deserts. How many grains? Of course you couldn't count them.

They are unquantifiable and every single grain is different.

Look at the trees, and their leaves, there are so many.

Now take a look at the wildlife, the fish in the sea, the birds, the animals, then space, the stars, the planets, really there is a vast profusion in this universe.

So too we as human beings are so many; and not one of us the same now or in the past.

Isn’t that simply amazing?

Take some time to look around at all this abundance. 

And all this, including we human beings, are made of energy.

When you can really accept this and see all the abundance you begin to realize that you are part of it too.

This also means we are all a part of the abundance and this realization is the first step to abundant living.

     Accessing Your Own "Abundant Living" Mentality

Start by being prepared to give and to share, because it is in that giving that we receive.

Sounds simple but there is a reason for this.

When you are in a state of giving, you are telling yourself and others that there is plenty to go around and this can only be true given the obvious abundance all around us.

There is of course what we also see as evidence of lack all around but accepting this as an unchangeable fact could also fix you in a state of lack making you hold on tightly to what you have.
If you feel this lack mentality and are genuinely afraid to give you are not alone.

But again consider the obvious abundance in the universe and realize that you holding tightly and not sharing what you have -and this is not really just about money- it’s also about love, service,friendship and good humor, confirms and strengthens the lack mentality.

To practice creating abundance you don’t have to give money – start with the other things you can give.
There is no lack mentality when genuine, non grudging giving occurs.

Giving from a feeling of abundance will mean that life will give back to you and this return to you may not be what you might expect or feel you want – it’s more likely to be something precious that you needed perhaps without realizing it

If it is financial wealth that you wish to have, start by changing your attitude to money – your fear of money, and the giving and receiving of it.

This is introducing good karma energy into your financial life.

Be aware that creating wealth does not come from some overnight "get rich quick" event but rather a knowing and an understanding of your attitude to abundance and prosperity.

It is in that knowing and that attitude that the creation of wealth can and will evolve.

Indeed beware of people selling get rich quick methods. 

It is not in the method but in the change of attitude that this website can be of benefit to you - by helping you change your thinking.

The Methods Succeed When Thinking Changes.

Your thoughts are the attractor of the life you are living.

Create a change or a paradigm shift in your life by becoming more aware of how your thoughts affect your actions. 

People do not usually search for wealth in this manner but many people can be driven by need or circumstance ; that is OK too but being aware of how your thoughts about your life situation can have a profound effect on changing or preserving your circumstances is of immense importance to you.

Some core values for creating abundant living:

  • Get to know yourself. Find out about  EGO and how it impacts your life.
  • Work at what you love doing - don’t dismiss this as “pie in the sky” take time to find what you love to do and find a way to make it grow.  
  • Do not hurt others
  • Do nothing Illegal
  • Respect yourself and others
  • By giving without expectation, you will receive back 100 fold.

Know too that you have every right to create wealth. No amount of your poverty or lack can help anyone, but a portion of your wealth,kindness and love in giving certainly can do a lot.

Where to Begin ?

Always start from where you are with what you have right now, don’t wait for the perfect moment.

To help create life abundance,firstly find your intentions and then get help with:
Overcoming fear
• Recognizing your fears
• Recognizing fear of failure
• Recognizing fear of success
• Recognizing fear of money

By dealing with and overcoming these fears you will begin to change your attitude and start to create a bountiful life.

As the giving becomes part of you, the real meaning of abundance will take root in your mind and you will begin to see helpful things coming to you in life. Your new mindset will now be working.

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