About Us

Our "about us page" is to give you some background on Rose and Richard Conway authors of www.roseandrichard.com


I love having an interest in people and have had for as long as I can remember.

It was no surprise to me when I set out to work as a manager in a service industry that I found myself enjoying dealing with people.

Having graduated in Catering Management I worked with the Irish National Electrical Supply Board and went on to work with the then Irish National Airline - Aer Lingus

I met Richard while we were both at College we married and had two wonderful children.

I also loved doing courses involving human interaction and when at home with the children I studied and graduated with a Diploma In Social Studies.

It was that Diploma In Social Studies that later helped me find a position working with The National Training and Development Association (N.T.D.A.) helping people with special needs.

I held positions in N.T.D.A. as Instructor, Coordinator and Facilitator and eventually became a member of The Irish Association of Rehabilitation Professionals.

This was a hugely enjoyable time in my life and it also allowed me to deepen my knowledge through further education in the area of human interaction. While with the N.D.T.A. I obtained some further qualifications-
•    Adult and Third level Teacher Training.
•    Honours Higher Diploma in Social and Vocational Training.

Reorganization within the N.D.T.A. meant I lost my position and at first this seemed awful but an offer from the same organization to work as a contractor in the area of placing people with special needs in the workforce proved very fulfilling.

This change even allowed me to gain a qualification I had always wished for an Honours Masters Degree in the Science of Rehabilitation  (MSc. Non Medical) University College Dublin (U.C.D).

I then believed I was fulfilled and convinced myself that I needed a change and started my own franchise retail business.

But after a number of years I came to hate it.
I began to realize that it was the wrong type of business for me and I found it very difficult.

I also found that it was not easy to exit such a business.

Ironically it was this business difficulty and turmoil that helped me awaken to myself and realize what I truly should be doing and what all my experiences and research should be used for - helping people change to a better life.

What Made Me Want To Establish This Web Site?

My work in the rehabilitation field was all about helping people achieve independence and a good quality of life -

-Socially and

The work was about being involved in the transition of a person from one situation to a better one.

And Transition is just what our web site Rose and Richard is all about; “Changing” your life.

Primarily it is about realizing where you are in your life right now; and asking the question – “do I want a different life”?

Our aim is to help you develop what “new thinking” is needed to create that difference -  that change.

So having always been interested in people, you can see why I enjoy this so much. I am now enjoying working alongside

Richard and bringing my experience to help a wider audience.

If we can help even one person in this life move from fear and sadness to live in a better way then the site’s purpose will have been fulfilled.


I have always been interested in human potential, communications and choice in life.

My upbringing stressed duty and this in many ways outweighed my instincts around personal choice and fulfillment.

Career and Education

I set out to get a good education, achieved a university degree, went on to study finance and accounting and achieved a professional accountancy qualification.

Got married to Rose, had two wonderful sons, worked at senior management level in a number of multinational companies both as an employee and in the last number of years as an independent financial specialist.

Although my “home life” was wonderful I found my “business life” less satisfying always stressful and unfulfilling pushing a “quiet voice” saying “there is more to life” -to the background in the rush to “get on” in business and career.

I have now learned how to listen to that “quiet voice” and despite what I feel could be many more “successful” years in the finance and accounting business, have decided to work with Rose on projects aiming to pass on what we have discovered about life and its difficulties.

Our website is about showing that change, despite a person's difficult life circumstances, is very possible.

People are not “hard wired” and human potential is enormous.
This realization is not just for the few “at the top” but is available to all of us.

 About The Rose And Richard Web Site

http//:www.roseandrichard.com is about Personal Development Enlightenment providing information to people wishing to make positive changes in their lives.

Our Aim

Our aim is to inform our readers about how it is possible to access powers within the self to bring about change.

We offer our own experiences and insights about life as an example of how this can work in practice.

We understand that everybody is unique so there are many ways in which change can be achieved in each person.

With this in mind we seek to present many exceptional and noteworthy tips and resources so that each individual will have a chance to find their own unique path to change.