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A Different Slant On Life

Personal Development Enlightenment is about learning to have a different slant on how to live your life.

It is that different slant - that enlightenment - that we want you to know about.

It will be of great benefit  in your life. When it benefits your life be assured it will also be of benefit to others - that's how it works.

This Is a Simple But Little Known Way To Live

When we discovered this new way of looking at the world we realized it is not common knowledge about 4% of people know this way and this amazed us, so now we are determined to help make it available to as many people as possible.

This knowledge actually simplifies life and although getting to know yourself in this way may not always be easy, it is a tremendous tool for turning your life around.

Our personal development enlightenment site is presented in a way we believe will be an introduction to this incredible simple knowledge.

With it you can change how you live your life, you can become unstuck, and you can release yourself from the everyday treadmill of worry, fear and perhaps loneliness.

With this knowledge you will become self motivated in a new way and be able to do more effective goal setting to pursue your own wishes and desires and this will change your life 

We can all tend to see life as being difficult and complicated but, guess what, it doesn’t have to be.

What can make it so difficult are unnecessary imaginary fears.

You can eliminate these fears and begin to take control of your life instead, and start to live a life that deep down you already have but one so many of us do not know exists.

We All Have This

This knowledge is inside every single one of us and has been written about for many thousands of years.

 Amazingly! It is simple to understand.

It is about getting to know and realize what you already have inside you to do all the work.

You may not even realize you have this power.

But with this realization you will become self motivated in a new way and be able to do more effective goal setting to pursue your own wishes and desires and this will change your life
It is about; becoming aware of how your thoughts and decisions affect your life by creating limitations.. and what you can do to change the nature of your thought from within. 

Our Thoughts and Decisions Do Create our Life
You are your thoughts

Why Do I Need To Change

Like most of us it is likely you are living a life through having absorbed countless well intended messages received from society, the education system and authority figures at a time when you couldn’t or didn’t question them.

Because of this you like most of us are programmed to automatically look outside ourselves for evidence of who we are and how we are doing. 

We automatically compare ourselves to others based on what we have, how we speak, how we look.

With these types of thoughts our minds categorizes it all and we create an identity to live our life through and become "our comfort zone." 

Emmet Fox says
“we make our own world by the way in which we think; for we really do live in a world of our own thoughts. It follows from this that if our thinking is faulty, our conditions must be faulty too, until our thinking is corrected; and it is useless to try to improve outer things if we leave our own mentality unchanged.”

 We convince ourselves that to change, and break outside of "our comfort zone" will be difficult then fear arises, tension grows and life gets difficult - but usually we try to brave it out and sometimes at a cost –ill health lost relationships…but there is another way

The Other Way

Development Through "Enlightenment"

Our Personal Development Enlightenment site is not here to tell you that you don’t need effort, single-mindedness, persistence and bravery to achieve what you want in life - these are precious gifts which we humans have and need.
We are here to tell you that these human gifts do not have to come at the cost of ill health, broken relationships, missed opportunities or regret.


Development with Rose and Richard is not about you becoming a better version of you – there is no better version of you - it’s about you expanding the unique and powerful person you already are.


Enlightenment is having clarity and awareness of yourself in this life and AWARENESS IS THE ANSWER it lifts that veil of fear, and regrets and guilt.

Enlightenment, or "To Waken Up" simply means the ability to see your reality more clearly and in a different way.

Through this "Development" You Can Move Out Of The Comfort Zone

Sometimes, because of difficult circumstances, we have no choice we just have to move away from "our comfort zone" - and experience a new  “development” but wouldn’t it be lovely and comforting to have knowledge and understanding to help along the way.       

Learn To Do It Your Way

With the  knowledge gained on Personal Development Enlightenment here with us we send you in the right direction and you will be able to

•    Recognize Your Comfort Zone
•    Be able to move out of Your Comfort Through Knowing Yourself
•    Recognize fear
•    Overcome fear
•    Know where your thoughts are coming from
•    Know how to change your thoughts
•    Get to understand yourself 
•    Recognize what reality is
•    Much more…..

And you will then find with the accumulative affect of this knowledge gained here and from recommended and readily available books, courses, CD’s or DVD’s, you will take this new way of life on board in your own way because you are a unique “Once Off”

Enlightenment Is Exciting

Because you are a “once off”, I am a “once off” we are all “once offs” there never was and there never will be anybody quiet like you in this world again getting to realize and understand your importance is amazingly exciting.

Have no doubt you will reach a point where you will be living a life where stress, panic and fear do not overwhelm your decision making.

No Going Back
When this way of handling life resonates with you, you can’t go backwards. It is like learning to walk or ride a bicycle, you can't unlearn it.
Personal Development Enlightenment is not a quick fix for life you will need patience and trust and some time, but it works.

A New Understanding

With this new understanding you will be able to take a leap of faith, have a trust in life you could never have thought possible before.

 Emmet Fox says;
“You would sit down and ask yourself: "Can I really be the man or woman that I vaguely remember, who went about under my name six months or six years ago?

Was I really that person? Could that person have possibly been me?"

And the truth will be that while in one sense you are indeed the same person, yet in another sense you will be someone utterly different.”

Rose And Richard.

Each page on our personal development enlightenment site has a standalone message and is our own personal experience and understanding.

But reading through the pages you will find a core system, an understanding, a principle or basic truth running through them.

Our own realization of this way of being came about through years of searching going back many years and in the
last number years a more focused research bringing even further understanding

It seems you never stop learning more and more and having an ever deeper realization, it is truly amazing.

Through this personal development enlightenment site you will be able to find a way to make positive changes through enlightenment and awareness of your thoughts and of yourself.

You will find yourself doing things in a new way, a better way, and different from anyone else's way. You will look at others and the world in a new light You will be enlightened.

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