A Brand New Life

You can have a brand new life by becoming aware of awareness and this will help you to begin to change your life.

This realization is the transition from living an "ordinary person’s life" to creating a profound change, and having immense gratitude for your own life and existence.

It isn’t that we are unaware on purpose; it is that we can have little knowledge of and are not aware of awareness.

This may seem a peculiar notion.

Mostly we consider ourselves to be "ordinary people" who are living ordinary lives. Most of us would seldom think of finding another way to actually be in the world.

But you are more than your body,more than your name,more than who you have been told or even might believe you are.

Awareness of this fact will change your life.

Why Would I Bother?

You might say -

"Why bother to get a brand new life I am me and how could I possibly be different"?

Could there possibly be any other way to be in the world or why should I need to be any other way - I am all right as I am"?

We like to be optimistic yet mostly fear the worst. 

Yet we know that we can go from one worry to the next and may probably even have watched and waited for the next worry to come in. Then say “ah there it is again”. 
It can go on and on.

We tend to think that once we sort out the current worry we will be perfectly happy and life will be sorted and perfect.

There can often be little respite from this "worry after worry" and we think that is how life works and yet still we usually do strive for life to be more perfect.

Of course issues are always coming up in life that is what life is about.

Sometimes when issues become overwhelming we can often wish we could get a brand new life

It is knowledge about ourselves and creating a positive attitude that is full of giving and receiving (Karma) that will free us from the need to be striving for the perfectly happy life.

This idea of perfect happiness is on the outside and is without awareness of the innerself.

Learn About Happiness Through Awareness

Happiness in your new life comes from an awareness, which comes from within you.

If you are anyway like me I didn’t have a clue what that "within you" meant.

You know the sayings:

• "It is what is inside that matters"
• "Get in touch with yourself"
• "Knowing yourself"
• "Find yourself"

I would think:

1. What are they talking about? And I would wonder what’s that all about, because I knew what was inside, my heart my stomach, my intestines etc...

2. When I would hear "get in touch with yourself" I truly did not know what that "yourself" was.

3. As for knowing myself of course I knew myself, I was ok. Wasn't I ?

I lived by the rule that I would only have a go at someone if they have a go at me first, that was a principle of mine. I thought that this was knowing myself.

4. As for finding myself – well I’m here: there’s my hand and there’s my foot.

Yep! I was never lost to be found. So how can I need a brand new life?

This Is Important - Knowing You Are Connected
Creates Awareness.

The day I realized I was made from the same energy (The Law of Attraction) as everyone and everything else on the planet and that this made me connected to each and everything, I knew this was right. It felt right.

I even had an idea of this quietly to myself before  realization .

For example: how many times would you think of someone you knew and hadn’t seen for some time, and then you see them or someone tells you about them?

Four days before my father died I had a dream about his death in which I was sobbing very heavily and my brother was in the dream saying that’s how life is.

That was on a Wednesday (my father was not ill) by Friday he was taken to hospital. On the Monday that same brother came to my door to tell me that my father had passed away.

I am sure you have had such things happen in life but it is just that we tend to see these events in isolation and not with connectivity.

I felt connection way back then so the knowledge of everything being connected rests very easily with me.

Quantum physics also tells us everything is made of energy and this truly resonates with me.

Awareness is knowing that you are connected to more than just the body you are in - as energy you are connected to everything that exists. 

That connection is :

  • "The inner you"
  • "Getting in touch with yourself"
  • "Knowing yourself"
  • "Finding yourself"

You just need to know how to find that connection to know yourself. You then realize you can have a brand new life on this earth.

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